Swimming pool safety fences

Alvifence pool safety fences combine high quality and safety at a very economical price. Ensure safety for your children and pets in your pool area in a simple and functional way.

Pool fences not only guarantee the highest level of safety, but also make swimming easier as there is no need to remove covers. Access to the swimming area is convenient from the automatic safety gate. Installation is simple and easy to perform by the end customer.

They have the Applus safety seal and comply with the French regulation NFP 90 - 306, one of the most complete and strictest regarding the fencing of swimming pools (not yet regulated in Spain).

It offers a truly reliable prevention measure against falls and drowning in your pool. Rest assured knowing that your family and friends are safe enjoying your garden without risk


To fully equip our pool it is necessary to check that it is totally safe, and in this case the safety fences for swimming pool are indispensable.

In Swimhome we have selected the most resistant and durable models. In this way, we will offer you the best options to protect the surroundings of your pool and, of course, your guests or loved ones.

All our pool safety fences are easy to install and dismantle for your maximum convenience.

Since these devices are visible to everyone, we do not only think about functionality, but also aesthetics.

Therefore, in our catalog you can buy the most modern and elegant pool fence according to your preferences.

Advantages of using a security fence for your swimming pool

First of all, you should know that pool enclosures are the most effective and reliable system to enjoy these pleasant spaces without exposing us (or ours) to risks of accidental falls and drowning.

This has made them the preferred safety method for a large number of users due to the comfort and peace of mind they provide.

Here is a breakdown of all the benefits of pool fencing:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fixed or movable installation models are available for every need
  • The variety of options guarantees an excellent quality-price ratio
  • Protection that meets the most stringent European safety and quality standards
  • Allows for a fun and relaxing environment without risks
  • They have anti-impact rubbers
  • Many pool fences are resistant to salt treatments

The largest variety of pool enclosures

In Swimhome we have removable and resistant pool fences that provide great comfort and practicality.

In addition, we have the pvc pool fence for swimming pool that you have been looking for and that also has reinforced aluminum posts inside.

You can also find in our catalog security gates for pool enclosures; installation kits and, of course, the posts that will provide both firmness and stability.

The meshes used by some of our models are made of polyester and coated with PVC. In addition, they are designed with a triple stitching on their upper and lower edge, thus presenting a high resistance of up to 150 kg/m2.

Those with vertical crossbeams have a more classic design and are resistant to sun or rain. Both are excellent and high quality options, so you just have to choose the one that is most practical for you.

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