Wall winder
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    Wall winder Pro
    installation example
    Unsuitable tweezers
    Premium tweezers
    Wall winder
    Installation example
    Wall winder Pro
    installation example
    Unsuitable tweezers
    Premium tweezers

    Wall winder Pro

    Heavy duty wall or floor fixed hose reel for large size adjustable pools, up to 7.25 meters! It has a very thick tube (Ø101 mm) compared to traditional tubes (Ø81 mm)

    • Made of aluminum and stainless steel.
    • Designed for pool covers.
    • Super resistant, ideal for pools of all sizes.
    • Includes all the necessary accessories to start using it.
    • Easily fixed to the wall or floor for convenience and safety.
    • Allows configuration to the customer's needs.
    • Includes 8 crocodile clips for perfect fastening of the heating blanket
    • Only 3 tubes, which facilitates its handling and installation.
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    Reel for thermal blanket

    A high quality and resistant roller, capable of supporting the weight of thermal blankets for larger pools. The use of a roller will allow you to cover and open your pool in a matter of seconds, in a comfortable and simple way.

    This will allow you to take full advantage of your cover, using it when it is really important, during the sunny hours of your pool. Its installation is simple, being able to be done without tools by any user and without previous knowledge

    Together with this magnificent roller, you will have 8 high quality crocodile clips that will allow you to use your roller on covers even without perimeter reinforcement.

    Attaches to the wall or floor with ease

    A pool roller is an essential accessory for winter covers. Thanks to being fixed to the wall, it frees up passageways and facilitates the use of the roller even on heavy covers.

    4,2 - 5,5 m
    4,9 - 6,5 m
    Tube diameter

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