Thermal Blanket Color of your choice...
    Thermal blanket color Arena
    Thermal Blanket Color of your choice...
    Black bubble
    Thermal Blanket Color of your choice with anti-algae protection
    Thermal blanket color Arena
    Thermal Blanket Color of your choice with anti-algae protection
    Black bubble

    Thermal Blanket Color of your choice with anti-algae protection *Required step

    Opaque solar cover in design in elegant and discreet colors. The best quality in solar covers with a beautiful copper color that integrates perfectly in design gardens. Its black bubble prevents the development of algae greatly facilitating the maintenance of your pool

    • Material: Polyethylene with anti-UV material.
    • Inhibits algae growth
    • Reduces the consumption of chemical products.
    • Reduces filtering time up to 50%.
    • National Manufacture
    • Single bubble of long duration and low weight
    • Reduces energy consumption by more than 60%.

    Production and shipping timeCustom made thermal blankets have a production lead time in addition to the shipping lead time. Currently the delivery time is 5 - 7 days.
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    • Increases water temperature
    • Prevents algae growth
    • Reduces energy consumption by up to 60%
    • Reduces chemical consumption by up to 60%
    • Reduces filtering time by up to 50%
    • Can be used as a winter cover
    • Eliminates water evaporation by 98% +
    • Reduces waste pollution
    • Save costs and reduce your pool's carbon footprint
    • More than 4 years of useful life

    New design in discreet and modern colors with anti-algae protection

    Enjoying all the advantages of a solar cover does not have to break the design of your garden. The new range of opaque covers feature elegant and modern colors that make it easy to integrate with all exterior designs. Thanks to its double opaque layer, it inhibits the growth of algae, reducing the need for aggressive chemicals and limiting maintenance

    Waste and algae control

    In addition to preventing debris from entering the pool, the Cristal Black cover helps maintain a pleasant and warm swimming environment by using light filtration technology to absorb wavelengths that promote algae growth, reducing the cost and time spent on maintenance.

    Heat retention

    The unique profile of Cristal Black air cell technology offers both buoyancy and an insulating air space to control heat transfer, giving the material the ability to regulate the pool environment and keep it at the desired temperature.

    Evaporation Control

    Our materials reduce evaporative water loss by acting as a barrier between the water surface and the atmosphere. By simply covering the pool with the material, evaporation is reduced by more than 98%, resulting in the preservation of water resources and increased temperatures inside the pool.

    Expected useful life
    Winter cover
    Keeping the pool cool
    Chemical reduction
    Filtration reduction
    Algae inhibition
    Solar gain
    Heat retention
    Evaporation control

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