Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are automatic switches that disconnect the electrical current when they detect an anomaly in the circuit, such as an overload or a short circuit. In this way, they prevent damage to equipment and the risk of fire or electrocution.

There are different types of circuit breakers depending on their breaking capacity, their tripping curve and their number of poles. The breaking capacity indicates the maximum current that the device can withstand before disconnecting. The tripping curve refers to the time it takes for the circuit breaker to trip depending on the current flowing in the circuit. The number of poles determines the number of conductors the circuit breaker can protect.

To choose the most suitable circuit breaker for your electrical installation, you must take into account the contracted power, the type of load you are going to connect and the regulations in force. It is also important that you install the circuit breakers in an approved electrical panel and that you connect them correctly following the manufacturer's instructions.

Circuit breakers are essential elements to guarantee the safety and proper functioning of your electrical installation. In our online shop you will find a wide variety of circuit breakers of the best brands and at the best price, don't wait any longer and place your order today! |

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