Cubierta de lamas para piscina

Automatic pool enclosures at the best price and quality

Automatic pool covers have become the best option for reducing the frequency of water maintenance, drastically reducing water evaporation and reducing heat loss from the water, managing to increase the temperature in some cases, which translates into significant economic savings. But in addition to this contribution, it has many other interesting benefits.

From Swimhome we have the best brands of pool covers at very competitive prices. We are committed to resistant and distinguished quality, to offer you only the best.

how do slatted pool enclosures work?

A pool cover acts as a means of isolating the water from the outside, which keeps pollutants out. Of course, this allows the pool water to be kept much cleaner and safer.

The most common materials used to manufacture the slats for our pool enclosures are semi-transparent polycarbonate and PVC. These materials are resistant to climatic changes and guarantee durability and safety in the pool.

Polycarbonate in particular is adapted to withstand the impact of UV rays without damage and allows the water temperature to be increased by solar energy.

There are also many reasons for deciding to buy a pool cover. For example, for safety reasons, pool covers prevent children from accessing the water, resisting the weight of an adult, thus preventing incidents with children, pets and even adults.

Nowadays there is a great variety of models of covers, in our shop we bet for the brands with sophisticated and easy to use models. We are also committed to saving space, providing more compact options, and rollers that make use of solar energy, avoiding the need for electrical installation.

Advantages of a pool cover

who can benefit from a roll-up pool cover? Many people! Because there are numerous benefits to be able to keep your pool covered with this type of equipment.

Here are some of the positive benefits you can get when you buy your pool cover:

Helps maintain security

A solar pool cover is the ideal option to prevent children from accessing the garden with a swimming pool in complete safety.

It is essential to increase drowning prevention, and pool covers are a truly effective solution.

When choosing a rectangular or shaped pool cover, safety features should be considered. For example, they must be designed so that they can be handled without causing injury and they must be able to stay in place in spite of the wind.

Facilitates water cleaning

Our pool cover models help protect the water from leaves, insects and pollutants. They can even help reduce the risk of fungus or algae growth.

This way, you can save on the purchase of water cleaning products, and you will also save effort by not having to clean your pool as often.

And accessing your pool for relaxation will be easy, and you will have access to warm, clean water. The experience of having a quality pool cover is quite positive

Increases heat retention

do you want to come home after a tiring day at work and be able to dive into your pool even if it is late at night? With a good pool cover you can take advantage of the warm water even at night, because it helps to conserve heat.

And there is no need to worry about electricity consumption, because the heat is conserved naturally by the effects of the sun, making it the best complement for swimming pools with a heat pump. Enjoying hot water for much longer is very easy with a pool cover.

Swimming pool covers estimated prices

how much does a thermal pool cover cost? The price will depend on several aspects, such as the brand or the materials involved in its manufacture.

At Swimhome we are pleased to have the best models of pool covers, not only do we work with the leading brands, but we also offer very competitive prices. We provide you with a simple configurator that will allow you to calculate the price of your automatic cover in seconds, allowing you to place your order if you wish.

We have removable pool covers ideal for winter from 11 euros. Take a look at our catalogue and don't miss out on everything we have to offer in terms of pool covers that preserve the climate and protect the water.

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