Swimming pool filters

At Swimhome we have an outstanding variety of pool filter models. In addition to having models of the most recognised brands in the sector, we offer equipment of different types.

One of the most important components for the purifying function of the pool is the filter. It is responsible for keeping the water in constant movement, allowing it to be purified

Thanks to this function it helps to combat dirt, limiting not only the green colouring of the water, but also the bad smell. Do you want your pool to maintain a healthy appearance? In that case the purification system must be powerful

how does the pool filter work?

There are various types of pool filters, and depending on the type there are some criteria for their functions that may vary. However, there are some basic principles that remain the same regardless of the model.

Basically, the filter has the capacity to suck the water from the pool thanks to the skimmer, it directs the water by the effect of the pump. Subsequently, the water reaches a tank that applies a special filtering treatment.

Finally, the water is returned to the pool. So the function of the filter allows the fulfilment of a cycle which in turn helps to maintain a constant sanitation

does this mean that the filter must be running at all times? No. It often works in cycles, not in a sustained manner. For public pool maintenance, ideally a complete cycle should be scheduled every day.

Neglecting the pool's purifying function is a major mistake. In fact, this could increase the cost of maintaining the water in a healthy condition

It is much more economical to maintain the cleaning or treatment of the water, rather than having to do a thorough pool cleaning due to its condition. So installing a good filter in your pool will help you to reduce your costs

Types of pool filters

Buying a pool filter can be a challenge as there are many different types available

At Swimhome we are a shop specialising in the distribution of all types of pool equipment.

In addition to having different models of filters, we have all kinds of pool accessories. Do you have a project in mind to fit out your pool? We are your best allies!

To make it a little easier for you to know which pool filter to buy, we will share with you a brief explanation of each type available

Sand filters

One of the easiest types of pool filters to use are sand filters. Although, as new models have emerged, they are not exactly the most popular type of pool filter.

They provide a quite optimal and natural filtering process, using sand as the main element. In fact, the water that enters the filter is cleaned by coming into contact with a sand deposit

Among its benefits is that it is an equipment that often demonstrates great durability. In fact, some well-known brands in the market have equipment that guarantees a durability of at least 10 years

On the other hand, it is one of the types of pool filters that require less maintenance. They are even easier to clean, thanks to the backwashing system they provide

Cartridge filters

The main feature of cartridge filters for swimming pools is that they have a removable part, the cartridges. In fact, this component must be cleaned weekly to remove residues.

As for the durability of the cartridges, the best brands produce very resistant and efficient parts, which can work very well for up to a year. On the other hand, one of the most similar pool filters to this model are diatomaceous earth filters

However, with these models the filtration process is managed on the basis of their materials. In consideration of this, they are a very simple type of equipment to install and to keep clean and maintained

Diatomaceous earth filters

Diatomaceous earth filters for swimming pools are becoming more and more important in the market. It is an equipment that has the capacity to prevent the passage of micro particles of dirt that are not perceptible to the human eye

It acts as a powerful sponge that facilitates the passage of water after purification. If you are looking for the best pool filters, these models are by far a great alternative

Our products for pool water maintenance

At Swimhome we are constantly working to provide products that are essential for the care that a swimming pool requires.

And in addition to our modern types of pool filters, we have the following products that help to care for the state of the water.

Salt chlorinator: it produces salt electrolysis, a highly efficient pool water sanitation technique. Do you want to clean the water without having to spend a lot of time on this task? Just add a small dose of the salt chlorinator, and the purification is instantaneous

  • Chlorine dispenser: we have powerful chlorine dosing pumps. Thanks to products in this category, you don't have to prepare for manual pool maintenance, but can program it for an automated function
  • Pool cleaners: we have the most prestigious robotic pool cleaners on the market. We have models from the most renowned brands. Keeping your pool free of algae, fungus, bad smells and dirt is much easier

We also have accessories for your pool and complete kits for water sanitation. Swimhome has prestigious models of water pumps

how to choose the ideal pool filter?

The best thing to do is to take into account the size of your pool. But the power of your water pump is also very important in this selection. Don't forget that we have equipment from today's most impressive filter brands.

We have what you need for small pools and large pools. Achieve the level of comfort you've always wanted with our qualified products

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