MINI LED spotlights

Mini LED spotlights

In Swimhome we focus on getting the most practical and functional equipment for your pool, so we have a wide catalog of mini LED lights that will fit any corner of your special place.

Their reduced dimensions allow them to adapt and provide an elegant touch in a completely discreet way.

They are perfect for spa areas and allow us to create great scenarios. We take care to select only the most complete and resistant options to ensure your total satisfaction.

Among our offers you can buy mini bulbs bulbs RGB type and white lighting.

Ideal places to install mini LED floodlights in your swimming pool

The submersible mini LED bulbs are perfect for those corners that do not manage to be fully covered with general lighting. An example of this can be the staircase area.

In this area it is essential to have good light for safety, comfort and, of course, aesthetic details. Given that in these spaces the normal size spotlights do not fit very well, the minis are ideal.

We can also choose to place them in the corners where the lighting does not reach very well, thus creating a uniform decoration.

This type of small LED pool bulbs also help us to create fun environments with RGB lights. The advantage in this case is that we can place them in corners where the fixture is almost imperceptible.

In addition, their reduced diameter gives us the possibility to create a functional and modern setting without reducing the available space or losing light output.

The latter is due to the fact that these fixtures usually integrate 3 LED bulbs to illuminate small spaces with greater intensity. This also makes it possible to play with an interesting variety of shades.

We have the widest range of small diameter LED spotlights

In addition to having options of the highest quality and highly competitive prices, we have offers in all types of finishes, always with the maximum resistance guaranteed.

We have the ideal solution for both freshwater and saltwater pools, easy to install and completely filled with resin for excellent durability.

Even, there are led pool lights that can be managed by external controller for your total comfort. We have options with niche installation or completely flat, it all depends on your preference.

We have the perfect options that will allow you to create special lighting environments in your pool. Find in our catalog the ideal alternatives to give life to your favorite space and create a great visual impact.

The best thing is that we guarantee all this together with a really low energy consumption so you can enjoy its performance to the fullest. Simply, in Swimhome we make sure you get the most modern and functional complement of the market to illuminate every area with an elegant touch.

Don't wait any longer and get ready to bring safety and unique style to your stairs or spa area. Choose from our range of recessed and surface mounted mini LED spotlights to create a completely customized ambiance.

Find in our catalog just what you need and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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