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Electrical panels for swimming pools

The pool electrical panel controls all the electrical components, guaranteeing your safety at all times. For this reason, it is a fundamental element when it comes to equipping your pool and enjoying it in complete safety for you and your family.

We equip our electrical panels with the best accessories to guarantee the longest service life of your filtration pump and LED pool light system. Thanks to its high level of customisation, you can tailor it to your needs, including the right transformer or power supply for your lighting or advanced and convenient LED control systems. We also offer advanced water pump protection and heat pump systems.

In addition, all our electrical panels come with a simple and clear guide to installation and use, with explanatory videos and technical support by chat or call. Our panels are designed for ease of installation, which is why all the optional components are installed inside.

Select the type of frame you need

We have a wide range of electrical panels for swimming pools without or with spotlights, as well as electrical accessories at the best price.

Or configure the electrical panel of your pool with our configurator

Pool Electrical Panel Configurator

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Configure your pool's electrical panel in a few simple steps. In the configurator you can create an electrical panel for the filtration of your pool and add different elements to it, such as a transformer. You can also create an electrical panel exclusively for pool lighting (without a water pump). You must complete all the steps to be able to add the...
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Not all pools are the same. Neither are your needs. That's why we have a variety of different sized electrical panels that can accommodate all the elements you need to control your pool motor and lighting.

Select a large panel when you need a large light output or need to be able to expand your installation over time. Or select a more compact enclosure when installation space is tighter. All our boxes are IP65, which allows them to be installed outdoors.


Our pool electrical panels protect and extend the life of your filtration system by having a motor guard adapted to the needs of your pool. This important element is often replaced by other systems to save costs, which can mean accelerated deterioration of your filtration pump. To ensure proper operation, select the motor guard that best suits your pool's motor.

pool engine guard


Our electrical panel has been specifically designed to power and protect your LED lighting system present in more and more swimming pools. It offers a stable and reliable power supply that extends the life of the LED diodes, giving more hours of use to your luminaires. Optionally you can install a controller for your lighting, either with a timer that allows you to specify an on/off schedule or with a convenient remote control for your LED lighting either white or RGB.

Control panels in a control cabinet of different sizes to supply white or coloured LED lighting in complete safety. Optionally available, programmer for your spotlights or remote control. Top quality 50W, 100W or 300W 12V AC transformers.

Some LED pool lights are powered by 12V DC current. These are usually coloured lights with 4 or 5-wire cable or some white lights. You can see this specification in the technical data sheet of your LED spotlights.

Compact and functional panel. Its small size makes it ideal for installations with little space such as prefabricated cabins. Designed to control the filtration system of your pool with the greatest safety in pools without LED lighting. They have a motor guard and timer for the filtration system.

Repair or complete your electrical panel with our accessories. We provide you with all the electrical elements, electrical boxes, connection terminals and other complements that will allow you to build or repair your switchboard with the maximum quality and guarantee.

The elements described and their photographs illustrate the elements normally used for the manufacture of swimming pool electrical panels or control cabinets. However, from time to time, some of these elements may be replaced by elements with the same characteristics and functionalities due to stock shortage of our or our suppliers' products.

*LED lighting controllers are optional. The image only shows the RGBV+ controller, which is an optional accessory.

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