LED Pool Spotlights

LED Spotlights for surface

In Swimhome we offer you the catalog of LED lights to illuminate your pool and create your ideal environment. We know the importance of having the highest quality of construction in these elements that are as decorative as functional.

Therefore, we distinguish ourselves by always offering resistant materials and with the highest degree of protection, since they are in direct contact with water constantly.

On our website you will find the best LED pool lights, easy to install, powerful and safe.

The highest quality and variety in LED pool lights

Not only do we have the best rated models, but we also ensure that they have the lowest possible power consumption. This is because LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights illuminate very well with a really low energy consumption.

We have both RGB pool lights, as well as white light, adapting to any scenario. This way, you can brighten up your space with many colors or simply illuminate it to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Among the types of LED pool lights, we have options that support both fresh and salt water; others ideal for spa or children's area; remote control; with IP68 protection and even compatible with home automation controllers.

The latter will allow us to manage them through Google Nest and Alexa for greater convenience. On the other hand, our LED pool lights are filled with resin, not air. This makes them guarantee maximum performance, as they have a much higher level of watertightness.

Advantages of LED swimming pool lights

Lighting our pool with LED lights is the most convenient if we are looking for maximum savings, but without sacrificing excellent performance. In addition to generating a minimum energy consumption, they provide the same power as traditional bulbs.

Likewise, they require less maintenance and even guarantee a longer useful life, so their cost is really low. Their durability is due to the fact that they do not emit the heat typical of traditional bulbs. Therefore, the lower the temperature, the less likely it is that the product will be damaged by overheating.

But this is not all, because by opting for these alternatives we can choose between different types of lights for our pool (neutral, cold or RGB). Therefore, we will have more freedom to create the most pleasant or fun scenarios, according to our preferences.

how to illuminate your pool with LED lights?

First of all, we must take into account how we will make every corner of our pool perfectly illuminated. For this, it will be necessary to install one bulb for every 20m2 of water surface.

For example, if we have a pool of 5 x 4 meters we will get good results with a single high power bulb (at least 40W) or several bulbs that add up to this total power.

rGB vs. white light LED bulbs?

Each one has specific features and functions, so if you still don't know which one to choose, we will now tell you which option suits you best. First of all, white LED bulbs offer us a static and single-color lighting, so it is a fixed light ideal to achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

In this category we find the temperatures: warm and cold. The first has a more yellowish tone, so it makes our environments have a tawny and golden spectrum

tawny and golden specters very attractive. On the other hand, the cold one has a more pearly and bluish tone. In this way, it makes the water look more crystalline. RGB LED lights are obviously distinguished by the range of colors they are capable of generating.

This is possible thanks to the combination of the 3 primary colors: red, blue and yellow. With them we will have the possibility of graduating to different levels the power of illumination of each color in our pool, thus obtaining a rich range of visible spectra. The scenarios achieved with these lights will be more lively, dynamic and fun.

Installation of LED lights for your Swimming Pool

Many of our models include the installation pack to make installation more practical. However, this process will depend on the type of LED spotlight we choose.

  • LED spotlights with niche: They are known because they are recessed in the wall, we can distinguish them because they have a body (niche) on the back that fits into the surface.

These allow us to change only the lamp in case of any inconvenience. They are recommended for pools under construction or one that already has a dedicated space for installation.

  • Flat LED spotlights: They differ because their back is completely flat. In addition, in these cases we will not need holes in the wall of the pool. We can find two types: crosshead and nozzle

The first one includes a cross-shaped piece located behind the spotlight and, whose function will be to allow its installation. The second one (nozzle) will require a wall piece that is similar to a niche and is ideal for sheet metal pools or new construction.

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