Swimming pool waterfalls


Decorate your pool, receive a nice massage and enjoy the pleasant sound of water. Manufactured with high quality materials, it can be installed in salt water pools without fear of corrosion

Its built-in design allows you to choose the style you like for your pool or fountain . It also has a water inlet at the bottom for easy installation in tight spaces

A perfect choice for rustic and modern gardens. Give an elegant touch to your home with these waterfalls that offer a unique visual effect thanks to its fine water curtain


Decorate your pool, enjoy the water massage or simply create a beautiful pool waterfall or fountain


Enjoy your pool more or create a nice corner in your garden with a wall pool waterfall in your home. By integrating into a wall, it can be installed on any wall, with the design that best suits your garden. Whether it is a rustic home or with a more modern design, you can make a perfect integration and put the waterfall of your dreams.

They are essential if we want to create a harmonious aquatic spectacle that generates a pleasant visual impact.

They are also of great importance if we want to create an atmosphere of total relaxation in the pool.

Among our offers you will find the most innovative water curtains in the sector that can be important allies to provide a sense of wellbeing and natural oxygenation with balneotherapy sessions.

In other words, we will be enjoying the benefits of hydromassage. This can have a very positive impact on stress relief and the improvement of our musculature. All our models are made of stainless steel to ensure the longest life span.

Enjoy your waterfall in your pool
Waterfalls of all sizes are available


Every home is different, and so are the needs of our customers. That is why we offer our customers a wide variety of sizes of waterfalls for swimming pools. Single or combined, enjoy your water sheet in any of its sizes: 300, 600, 900, 1200 or 1500 mm.


We want our pool waterfalls to suit your taste and the design of your garden. Whether it is a modern design with straight lines or something more rustic, our waterfalls will fit perfectly by design and adaptability

For this reason we have designed our pool waterfalls with the water connection at the bottom. This allows you to save more than 10 cm in your installation. And if this is not enough, we offer waterfalls with a 12 cm or 3.5 cm tongue, allowing you to install your water curtain on a wall of less than 15 cm.

Two reed sizes


Enjoy all the advantages of wall mounted pool waterfall with its beautiful LED pool lights. It includes remote controller to adjust its colors and safety transformer for easy installation

The pool waterfalls provide such an elegant and modern look that they have become one of the best-selling products of Swimhome. These unique elements allow us to beautify the environment and provide a very original style.

We are committed to bringing you only the best quality and design on the market, so in our selection you will see the most avant-garde models of the moment, but also manufactured with the most resistant and durable materials.

Recessed acrylic waterfall With LED, power supply and remote control all sizes

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The recessed water sheets with RGB LED lighting and remote control included. Create a waterfall in your pool with the design you like and enjoy it both day and night. It is perfect for gardens of modern or rustic design as the design is provided by the final completion of the work. Our recessed LED waterfalls have a water inlet at the bottom for easy...
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Pool waterfalls can be as modern as they are relaxing and fun, so nowadays we can find different versions for every preference. '

To make the right choice you need to take into consideration the design of the pool. For example, for those with rectangular shape the ideal is to install these elements on the curb, so we must take into account the available space.

Additionally, you should know that the mechanism of each fountain will vary according to the water flow we need and the effect we want to achieve. Generally, they work with a filter pump and, with this, the waterfall will only be activated when the filtration starts.

It is also essential to install a valve to regulate or stop the water flow. There are also some that work independently, with accessories such as the pump and the electrical control box.

Although there are offers of waterfalls for swimming pools in artificial stone and plastic, stainless steel has established itself as the most reliable material for its strength and durability. There are even waterfall models that include LED lighting for a more original style.

Recessed acrylic waterfall Without LED all sizes

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The recessed water sheets allow you to create a waterfall in your pool with the design you like. It is perfect for modern or rustic design gardens since the design is provided by the final finish of the work. Our recessed waterfalls without LED have the water inlet at the bottom for easy installation in narrow spaces. High quality acrylic waterfall....
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