Heat pumps

Climatice your Swimming Pool at the Best Price

Enjoy the latest Full Inverter technology now at the service of your pool. Inverter technology allows you to adjust the operating power of your heat pump by adjusting the consumption and achieving a much higher efficiency than traditional heat pumps

Traditional pool heat pumps cause consumption peaks and fluctuations in water temperature of up to 4ºC. Thanks to inverter technology, the water temperature of your pool will remain more stable.

Intelligent power adjustment according to the pool temperature allows COP levels above 11 to be achieved with compressor speeds of 20 - 25% on mild days. This means that every kW of electricity consumed will translate into 11 kW of heat in the water.

Powerful and Silent Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Inverter pool heat pumps adjust the compressor speed and fan speed to the needs of each moment. This not only greatly reduces the electrical consumption, but also avoids the sound of the heat pump produced by the vibrations of the compressor and the wind from the fan. This, together with its reduced size will prevent your heat pump from becoming the protagonist while enjoying your pool or garden.

Our heat pumps, thanks to their compact size, can be installed on the floor or hung on the wall, similar to the compressor of an air conditioner.

WiFi Control, Simple and Practical

Nobody wants to have the heat pump in the middle of their garden, they are often installed in remote and inconspicuous areas, which makes it uncomfortable to access your controller

Our WiFi heat pumps can be easily controlled through your Smartphone, you only need to connect your heat pump to the internet, download the control app and access the internet from your mobile. You will be able to adjust the temperature, the operating schedule, or switch between its heating or cooling function, comfortably, from your mobile, wherever you are

Thanks to WiFi technology, you will be able to heat the pool of your second home well in advance to find your pool warm, ready for swimming when you arrive at your home, you can also control the temperature of the pool of your rental home at any time

heat pump characteristics

* The recommended pump ratings are the most suitable for a typical installation. Keep in mind that results may vary due to different factors, if you need specific recommendations for your installation please contact us.

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