Heat pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps at the best price

Enjoy the latest Full Inverter technology now at the service of your pool. Inverter technology allows you to adjust the operating power of your heat pump, adjusting consumption and achieving much higher efficiency than traditional heat pumps

Traditional swimming pool heat pumps cause consumption peaks and water temperature fluctuations of up to 4ºC. Thanks to inverter technology, the water temperature in your pool will remain more stable, making swimming more pleasant

Intelligent power adjustment according to the pool temperature allows COP levels above 11 to be achieved with compressor speeds of 20 - 25% on mild days. This means that every kW of electricity consumed will translate into 11 kW of heat in the water.

Heat your pool at the best price

Heating your pool with a heat pump is the most efficient and safest way. This technology collects heat from the air to put it into your pool in a more efficient way. The new models are more efficient and silent, with more precise and comfortable thermostats. Combining a heat pump with solar panels increases energy savings and reduces the carbon footprint of the system and is also the best solution for the environment.

Our heat pumps, thanks to their compact size, can be installed on the ground or hung on the wall, similar to the compressor of an air conditioner.

WiFi Control, Simple and Practical

Controlling your pool heat pump from your SmartPhone is all advantages. It allows you to keep control of your pool even when you are not present. This allows you to turn the heat pump on or off, adjust the pool temperature, pre-heat your second home or control the use of the heat pump in your rental property

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