Swimming Pool Reels

Swimming Pool Reels

At Swimhome we are known for choosing the widest variety of reels with the most competitive price-quality ratio in the market.

In our store you will find the pool cover rollers that suit all your requirements.

We know that this is a very important equipment to cover your pool in the most practical and easy way when you need it, so the installation process of our rollers is very simple.

Likewise, all our models have been manufactured with the most durable materials in the industry, as well as resistant to UV rays and corrosion. We have the best offers with state-of-the-art features.

Maintenance tasks usually require a lot of time, but with our pool cover rollers you will be able to keep it impeccable with minimum effort.

You will be able to extend or retract the protective cover in minutes and move it to the storage space in the easiest way.

This way you will enjoy a clear swimming area in no time. In our list we have economical rollers, easy to use and able to extend the life of your thermal blankets.

The latter because you can avoid rubbing against the pool coping stone or prolonged contact with the sun. You will also see several telescopic reels that have been manufactured in the form of tubes.

These give you the possibility to adjust their length according to the required size without making any cuts.

In addition, we have selected the best models of fixed and mobile pool blanket rollers equipped with wheels.

The latter are especially convenient for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, since they do not require physical effort to be easily transported.

Other available options include hand-crank, motorized, wall-mounted, above-ground and heavy-duty arched reels.

In addition to this equipment, we have reflective covers for reels and thermal blankets, as well as alligator clips that improve the hold of the tarpaulin on the reel.

Without a doubt, we have everything you may need for the care and maintenance of your pool.

With Pool Coils you will extend the life of your thermal blanket

Pool covers are extremely important in the maintenance of your pool, so it is extremely important to extend its life as much as possible. The best way to achieve this is by using a pool cover roller.

Some of the advantages of this equipment are the following:

  • Increases the useful life of the blanket we have, as it prevents accidents and breakage
  • It notably reduces the physical effort required to cover or clear the bathing area. This task can even be carried out by only one person.
  • The process of placing and removing the thermal blanket can be done in a few minutes.

Additionally, if we take advantage of the benefits of covers for both tarpaulins and rollers, we will increase their protection twofold. These are designed to protect and store any type of isothermal blanket in a simple way.

In case you still don't know which one is the best for you, you should take into account the size of your pool and the size of the cover to be used. In any case, at Swimhome we have a team of specialists ready to advise you.

Take advantage of the important facilities guaranteed by the pool cover roller, enjoying also a safe and fast installation.

We have offers that will cover any requirement: different sizes, materials, features and capacities. But that's not all, because we also offer you the best prices on the market and the guarantee of maximum quality.

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