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Swimming Pool Covers, Thermal Blankets and Pool Rollers

We have a wide range of articles for the care and protection of your pool, keeping the water cleaner and warmer. With the roll-up systems you can collect your bubble blanket in seconds in a simple way.

thermal blanket for swimming pool

Thermal Blankets

They reduce evaporation, increase water temperature, prevent algae and reduce maintenance and even, in selected models, keep the water cooler.

Winter pool cover

Winter covers

They keep the swimming area safe from accidental falls into your pool, while preventing the pool from freezing and the water from turning green, eliminating maintenance work during the winter.

Swimming pool reels


We have a wide range of heating blanket rollers available. It allows you to adjust the design to the needs of your garden, being able to collect the heating blanket effortlessly and in seconds.

Accessories reels and covers


We have accessories and spare parts for thermal blanket covers and rollers.

The best protection for your pool

Keeping your pool covered during the summer and winter allows you to enjoy your swims more, reducing the economic impact of the pool and its ecological footprint.

A covered pool will:

  • Keep the pool area safe from accidental falls¹.
  • Reduce water evaporation by more than 98%.
  • Maintain and raise the water temperature².
  • Keep your pool water cooler on selected models.
  • Prevents pool freezing.
  • Available in various colours to suit your pool.

A swimming pool is one of the main elements for the enjoyment of the home and garden, however it can be a major maintenance effort and a considerable expense. A pool can lose up to 5 cm of water level per week, covering our pool will almost completely eliminate water evaporation. This is a key factor, especially in times of drought when every drop counts. We have thermal blankets of the best brands, such as GeoBubble and OXO.

At the same time that we avoid evaporation, we are eliminating the most important collateral damage of this, the temperature of the water. The fact is that 75% of the temperature lost in the pool is due to evaporation. By eliminating this problem, we will enjoy more pleasant baths with warmer water without the need to use heat pumps or external heaters.

Most customers looking for a thermal pool cover expect to increase the temperature of their pool water, which is why we have models specifically designed to increase the temperature of their pool water by up to 10ºC, without the need to use electricity or energy.

Of course, summer covers do more than just prevent evaporation and increase the temperature, they are an important maintenance reducer, avoiding debris, reducing the need for hours of filtration, reducing the need for chemicals in the water and significantly reducing the proliferation of algae and other pathogens in the case of opaque anti-algae thermal blankets. This will reduce the economic impact of your pool maintenance by spending less on pool chemicals.

And of course, we also think about the users who enjoy cool water, that's why we have models that repel sunlight, preventing it from heating your pool water.

if you have any doubts about which thermal blanket to choose, we can help you!

Your pool will be the favourite room in your home for your family during the summer, but during the winter most of the time it goes completely unnoticed, meaning extra maintenance work.

Covering your pool with a winter cover will allow you to eliminate pool maintenance work during the winter months. By filtering the sunlight, your pool water will not turn green and algae will not appear, saving electricity and chlorine.

Winter covers also offer protection for your family and your pool. They protect your family because, thanks to their strength, they support the weight of an adult, preventing accidental falls of children and pets. They also protect your pool, as winter covers drastically reduce the risk of the water in your pool freezing, with the resulting damage to the pool tiles.

Of course the aesthetics of your garden are important all year round, which is why we manufacture our covers in a wide variety of colours.

Covering your pool is not only practical, it is also convenient and simple thanks to the use of thermal blanket rollers. These devices are capable of collecting and storing your cover in seconds, avoiding tugging and dragging bubbles around the terrace or garden.

By using the roller we guarantee a quick collection and keep your cover always in optimal conditions, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.

We have a wide range of wall-mounted rollers, wheeled rollers or motorised rollers to ensure you make the best choice.

We have a wide range of accessories and complements to complete and repair your cover or roller blind.

¹ Safety from accidental falls offered by winter covers, bar covers and inflatable covers.
² Raising the water temperature requires a thermal blanket designed specifically for this purpose.

Pool Cover

With a pool cover we will get the maximum tranquility and comfort in terms of maintenance. In Swimhome we know the great importance of these products, so we take care to choose the greatest variety and quality of the entire market.

Among our offers of pool covers you can find the best options from leading brands such as GeoBubble, OXO BlueM2, AirCover and Swimhome. This is how we always ensure the highest quality, durability and practicality.

In addition, we focus on offering prices adapted to every budget and requirement, with resistant materials and different sizes. We are also committed to comply with all European safety and quality standards.

Get a pool cover adapted to your requirements

Among our models of covers you will be able to find the one that best suits the aesthetics of your terrace, patio or garden and the size of your pool. They also have features adjusted to the use you want to give it.

We have a section dedicated to each element necessary to take care of these important spaces. For example, we have pool covers that will allow you to protect them and avoid constant maintenance.

We know that during the winter season thermal pool covers are also necessary, which allow us to maintain the ideal temperature gained with the heat of the day.

In our catalog of pool covers we have the most functional and avant-garde options, focusing both on the safety it provides and the pleasant aesthetics it manages to provide.

Other of our best alternatives to equip your pool are bar covers, telescopic pool covers, winter covers and, of course, thermal blankets.

Types of pool covers

We have a very extensive range of products to have a 100% functional and well maintained pool.

We offer you an interesting variety of options for you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. See them all below:

  • Pool Rollers: They have become an infallible tool nowadays to extend and collect the pool covers quickly and easily. There are options of different sizes and features, so we have the widest range to allow you to choose the one that best suits your preferences. You can choose the telescopic reels for the simplest and most economical tarpaulins.

However, there are other more advanced alternatives such as automatic or motorized ones, which are more convenient and practical. There are also mobile rollers for easy transport and customized models that allow us to leave them fixed.

  • Winter covers: Also known as wintering covers, they are essential to cover the pool when the cold season arrives. They are large PVC tarpaulins that are very resistant to the weather and the sun.

Among its most important advantages we find that it will prevent the water from getting dirty and we will have it impeccable for a longer period of time. Likewise, this will save us time and money in maintenance, as well as in cleaning products.

Winter covers provide other important benefits, such as, for example, preventing algae from forming. This is because it prevents light from penetrating and stops the photosynthesis that generates bacteria for these microorganisms.

  • Pool thermal blanket: This is another extremely important type of pool cover, since it is an isothermal material that prevents the loss of water temperature. But, in addition, it fulfills the function of protecting it from dirt from the outside to reduce the cost of cleaning products and maintenance time.

Due to the wide variety of options in our catalog you will be able to find the most ideal one. There are models of simple blankets such as those with bubbles, perfect to place it at nightfall and prevent heat loss.

Another more sophisticated option are the GeoBubble blankets that use the sun's heat to keep the water warm.

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