Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400 and 500 microns
    Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400 and 500 microns
    Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400 and 500 microns
    Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400 and 500 microns

    Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400 and 500 microns *Required step

    Blue thermal blanket for swimming pool. Covering a pool allows you to save on pool maintenance in a convenient and simple way, reducing the carbon footprint of your pool. The bubble OXO offers greater buoyancy than traditional covers, which translates into better heat retention and easier handling. Its resistant and homogeneous bubble offers greater durability and resistance to the sun.

    • Reduces the consumption of chemical products.
    • Reduces filtering time.
    • Long-lasting double bubble OXO
    • Increases water temperature up to 6ºC.
    • Reduces energy consumption.
    • Eliminates water evaporation by more than 98%

    Production and shipping lead timeCustom made thermal blankets have a production lead time in addition to the shipping lead time. Delivery time is 5 - 7 days.
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    Thermal blanket OXO Blue 400/500 microns

    Main features
    • Bubble system OXO: More durability and strength
    • Increase water temperature
    • Significantly reduces pool maintenance
    • Reduces the hours of filtration required
    • Reduces the need for chemicals.
    • Eliminates water evaporation by 98%+
    • Reduces waste pollution
    • Save costs and reduce the carbon footprint of your pool
    • More than 6 years of useful life

    Bubble OXO: Increased Durability And Strength

    OXO Blue, the innovative thermal pool cover with optimised material for higher performance and longer life. The thermal pool cover OXO is designed with larger and homogeneous bubbles, which gives it greater buoyancy, making it more manageable, while enhancing its properties. The bubbles OXO are thicker, which prevents expansion in the sun and wear and tear. Increase the water temperature of your pool with OXO Blue 500 or 400 micron blue, you can increase the water temperature by 6ºC in ideal conditions, such as sunny pools. Thanks to the increased buoyancy, your OXO cover will keep the heat in the pool more efficiently at night, keeping the water temperature at more comfortable levels.

    Light blue
    Expected useful life
    Winter cover
    Keeping the pool cool
    Chemical reduction
    Filtration reduction
    Algae inhibition
    Solar gain
    Heat retention
    Evaporation control
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