Crocodile clip with strap for thermal blanket winder - 1

    Crocodile clip with strap for heating blanket rollers

    Improve the hold of your heating blanket with the Crocodile Clip for Thermal Blanket, designed specifically for telescopic and rail reels. This clip is the ideal solution to firmly secure your bubble cover or thermal blanket to the reel.

    • Easy Installation: Its design allows for easy installation on the reel rail, without the need for Velcro or additional screws.
    • Secure Fit: Guarantees a firm and secure fixing of the heating blanket, preventing slippage or misalignment.
    • Durable Quality: With stainless steel screw, it offers superior strength and a long service life.

    Choose the Crocodile Clamp for an efficient and durable fastening of your heating blanket on the reel.

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    Discover the perfect solution for securing your heating blanket with our Crocodile Blanket Clamp. Designed for maximum efficiency and safety, this clamp is an essential accessory for any pool owner with a telescopic or rail reel.

    Simple and Effective Installation

    The Crocodile Clamp is characterised by its ease of installation. Its innovative design allows it to be inserted directly onto the reel rail, eliminating the need for Velcro or additional screws. This feature greatly simplifies the attachment process, allowing you to secure your heating blanket in a matter of minutes.

    Secure and Reliable Grip

    Once installed, this clamp provides a secure and reliable hold on the heating blanket. It is able to hold the cover firmly in place, preventing any slippage or misalignment, which is essential for effective and long-lasting protection of your pool.

    Durability and Strength

    With a screw made of stainless steel, the Crocodile Clamp offers exceptional durability. This tough material ensures that the clamp can withstand both outdoor conditions and constant contact with pool water, ensuring a long life and resistance to corrosion.

    Compatibility with Various Reels

    In addition to its use with telescopic reels, this clamp is equally effective with rail reels. Its versatility makes it compatible with a wide range of hose reel systems, making it an ideal choice for a variety of pool needs and configurations.

    In short, the Alligator Clip Heating Blanket Clamp is a smart investment for anyone looking for an efficient, safe and durable way to attach their heating blanket to a reel. Its hassle-free installation, reliable attachment and compatibility make it indispensable for proper pool maintenance.

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    Top serviço e preço

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    Bom preço resposta rápida

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    Buen producto y buen precio

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    Agarran estupendamente la manta térmica, fáciles de colocar.

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    Well made straps

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    These straps are designed to slot into compatible rollers. As I did not have a compatible roller I had to use screws to attach them to the roller. However, the straps are well made and the \'crocodle jaws\' grip the pool cover effectively. Most importantly, there are not sharp protuberances to damage the cover when it is on the roller. The price was good compared with similar products available on line.

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    Súper servicio

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    Estamos muy contentos con el servicio y la calidad del producto. Has llegado rápidamente sin problemas.

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    Super servicio

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    Seguramente queremos utilizar esta empresa en el futuro. Todo va bien, el producto bien, tiempo de entrega bien, communicacion bien. Gracias

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