Salt Chlorinators

The Best Salt Chlorinator Systems at the Best Price

Salt electrolysis pool systems are the best way to treat your pool water. A salt chlorinator allows you to purify your pool water instantly and without the need to add chemicals to the water such as chlorine

Its operation is very simple. A small amount of salt is added to the pool water (5 gr/l) which, when passing through the titanium electrodes, transforms the salt (sodium chloride) into an active disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite, which eliminates algae, bacteria and fungi.

This disinfectant, thanks to UV rays, is converted back into salt, being a natural and ecological cycle. Thanks to salt chlorination will prevent skin and eye irritationthe health and wellbeing of your home will be improved

It does not require maintenance, the system is responsible for generating chlorine, in the right dose, being an environmentally friendly, economical solution

That is why in the catalog of Swimhome you will find the most effective system and adapted to all your needs. Your trust is vital to us, so we only work with recognized brands, being Innowater one of the most prominent in the market.

This is how we guarantee maximum safety and performance. We are determined to help you have an impeccable pool ready to enjoy, so we offer you the latest technology of salt chlorinators at the best price to achieve this goal.

In addition, we make sure to always provide you with comprehensive, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the maintenance of your pool.

how do salt chlorinator systems work?

For many years chlorine has been used in traditional systems for the disinfectant treatment of water. However, continuous exposure to this chemical can cause some conditions such as eye and skin irritation.

Salt chlorinators, also called salt electrolysis systems, have emerged as a safer and more effective alternative.

They reduce the presence of potentially harmful substances in the water. However, these devices work on the basis of sodium chloride. For this, we will add 6 kg of salt per cubic meter, which will work as a natural antiseptic.

It is worth mentioning that this concentration is 8 times lower than what we would find in the sea. The salt chlorinator for swimming pools will carry out a process called electrolysis, by means of which it will separate oxygen, hydrogen, salts and other minerals.

Once this is done, a transfer of electrons is generated between these and the ions to finally produce new substances such as sodium hypochlorite, which, dissolved in water, becomes a powerful disinfectant.

At the same time, free chlorine is generated that does not degrade and will be able to eradicate algae and pathogenic microorganisms that may be generated in the pool. Our salt chlorinators even have a salt concentration meter and come with an advanced programmable self-cleaning system.

Additionally, as it is a continuous and closed process, it will not be necessary to add more salt. This is provided that the amount of water in the pool is not drastically altered. For example, when receiving a large number of bathers or excessive evaporation due to many days of sunshine.

Reasons to use a salt electrolysis system in your swimming pool

  • They are usually easy to install and use
  • Salt is a natural and mild disinfectant
  • It does not affect the hair or discolor swimsuits
  • We avoid the strong smell of chlorine
  • Does not irritate mucous membranes or dry out the skin
  • It promotes tanning thanks to the presence of iodine
  • We avoid handling aggressive chemical products derived from chlorine, thus reducing the risk of intoxication
  • The useful life of these devices is around 14,000 hours
  • It is an environmentally friendly option, since salt is a natural antiseptic
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