Configure your customized winter tarpaulin

The Best Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers, tarps and awnings allow you to close the pool after the swimming season while maintaining the safety of the environment and saving on water maintenance

They comply with the strictest safety measures to avoid accidents with children or pets, in turn save on pool maintenance, making unnecessary the disposal of water between seasons. Thanks to winter pool covers and awnings you will be able to winterize your pool while conserving water with minimum effort and expense.

Winter covers for your pool

In Swinhome we distinguish ourselves by offering integral solutions to equip your pool with the best winter covers made to measure. We know that they are essential to keep the water in good condition outside the summer, as well as the thermal pool blankets.

Therefore, in our catalog we gather the most exclusive models that will allow you to keep the inside of this space in perfect conditions while we are not enjoying a bath.

The available tarpaulins are perfect to isolate the dirt and external agents that affect its conservation, using for it the most resistant materials of the market.

We guarantee that by using them you will have an important economic saving, as well as you will make a more ecological and sustainable use of your pool, since you will reduce the excessive consumption of water.

You will also protect it from frost that could cause cracks in the pool shell. Among the available offers, you will not only see the classic winter covers, but also some inflatable and bar covers.

You will also find rubber tensioners, ladder holes and inflation pumps, which are basic accessories. Functional and custom-made winter covers At Swimhome we have large tarpaulins made of PVC that are highly resistant to the sun, winter and the effects of the weather.

As they are made for different sizes, they are able to adapt to any shape and size. To facilitate assembly, our models include all the necessary accessories, allowing you to install or remove it in the simplest way.

Likewise, the grommets and screws provided are made of stainless steel for greater durability. The construction material used is highly resistant and of the highest quality, thus providing safety against accidental falls by pets or children. I

Also, for your total peace of mind, all options in the Swimhome catalog comply with European standard NFP90-308 and come with ISO 9001 quality certification. You won't have to worry about rain either, as we have models with drainage or super-drainage systems.

There are even options of inflatable winter covers that do not even require drainage. We also take into account the small details, so if you have a staircase, you can choose to include a stairwell that will allow you to place your winter cover without inconveniences.

Advantages of winter covers

  • Swimming pool free of bacteria and dirt: In order to enjoy our pool for a longer period of time, it is necessary to keep it always in good condition. However, this is not possible if it is full of branches, leaves, insects or dust.

Precisely this is what we avoid with the winter covers, which allow us to enjoy a notably cleaner space and free of serious problems of water maintenance.

In addition, if we prevent the fall of organic waste in the first place, we also stop the appearance of microorganisms that affect the quality of the liquid. Thus we can keep the pool in optimal conditions for bathing.

  • It avoids the appearance of algae: These microorganisms are formed through contact with the sun, so with the dark cover of the tarpaulin we will stop their development.

In this way, we will not have transparent algae adhered to the walls of the pool and we will save ourselves the difficult task of eliminating them. In addition, there will be no green algae in sight that can stain the water and give a sloppy appearance.

And, since the winter covers are made of quality PVC with UV resistance, we can leave them exposed all year round. In other words, we won't have to worry about it deteriorating in the sun.

  • Prevents water evaporation: In addition to the comfort of having our pool always ready for a good swim, by preventing the water from evaporating, we will be saving a lot of money.
  • Reduces filtering time: This can reduce it by up to 50%, so we will not only extend the life of the filtration system we use, but it will also help us to optimize our energy consumption.
  • Facilitates maintenance tasks: It not only represents a time saving in these processes, but also reduces the use of chemical products by up to 70%. Undoubtedly, this is good news for our pocket.
  • Frost protection: Because it controls the temperature inside the pool, we will not have to worry about the pool water freezing.
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