Electrical Panels Swimming Pool Without Floodlights

Enjoy the maximum security and guarantee in your swimming pool with our electrical panels. We have a wide variety of electrical panels for swimming pools without transformer for pools without lighting

All our panels are equipped with:

  • Safety differential 30mA that provides protection against electrical risks for people and devices.
  • Motor guard for a correct protection of the water motor of the pool.
  • Clock programmer that will allow you to select the operating schedule of the filtration system

Optionally you can select models with contactor for the motor, this will allow the electrical load of the water pump, avoiding the excess of load of the clock and extending its useful life. We also have electrical panels suitable for chlorinator, these panels include a circuit breaker for the chlorinator and PH system and a contactor, which allows to turn on and off the chlorination system and PH pump at the same time as the water pump, thus preventing them from working when there is no water flow.

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