Electrical panel for swimming pool heat pumps
    Electrical panel for swimming pool heat pumps
    Electrical panel for swimming pool heat pumps
    Electrical panel for swimming pool heat pumps

    Electrical Control Panel for Heat Pump Protection

    Electrical panel for swimming pool heat pump protection compatible with all 1 - 32A single-phase heat pumps. Protect your heat pump in a simple and effective way by extending the life of this device. Installing a heat pump is one of the most important investments in swimming pool accessories, so it is essential to protect it.

    With this protection panel you will protect your heat pump against:

    • Short circuits.
    • Power surges.
    • Voltage drops.
    • Overloads.

    Suitable for heat pumps from 1 to 32A in single-phase installations. Allows automatic rearming in the event of an incident and can even program a maximum number of rearmings, protecting the system against continuous failures.

    VAT included

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    Advanced Protection for Heat Pumps in Swimming Pools

    The Heat Pump Protection Panel is an essential solution to ensure the safe and efficient operation of single-phase heat pumps in swimming pools. Designed to be compatible with pumps from 1 to 32A, this panel is a crucial investment to protect one of the most important components of your pool.

    Integral Protection Against Electrical Risks

    • Against short circuits: Safeguards your heat pump from damage caused by short circuits, a common risk in electrical systems.
    • Surge and Undervoltage Protection: Efficiently protects against unexpected voltage fluctuations, ensuring stable and safe operation.
    • Overload Protection: Prevents overload damage, significantly extending the life of your heat pump.

    Advanced Functionality and Automatic Rearming

    This panel not only offers protection against electrical faults, but also includes the ability to automatically reset in case of incidents such as overload, power surges and brownouts. This functionality allows you to program a maximum number of resets, protecting your system against continued failures and preventing further damage.

    Simple Installation and Efficient Operation

    The design of the Heat Pump Protection Panel facilitates simple installation and efficient operation. Its compatibility with single-phase installations makes it suitable for a wide range of pool systems, offering an affordable and reliable solution for the protection of your equipment.

    Safety and Durability

    Constructed from high quality materials and designed to withstand the demands of a swimming pool environment, this electrical panel ensures not only the safety of your heat pump, but also its durability. Its ability to handle different amperage ranges and its protection against a variety of electrical incidents make it an essential component for the maintenance of your pool.

    TheHeat Pump Protection Panel is a must-have solution for any pool owner looking to protect their investment and ensure the safe and efficient operation of their heat pump. Its advanced protection technology and ease of use make this panel a valuable addition to the care and maintenance of your pool.

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