PAR56 Airless 35W Cool White Flat PAR56 Lamp - Refill - 1
    PAR56 Airless 35W Cool White Flat PAR56 Lamp - Refill - 2
    PAR56 Airless 35W Cool White Flat PAR56 Lamp - Refill - 1
    PAR56 Airless 35W Cool White Flat PAR56 Lamp - Refill - 2

    PAR56 Airless 35W Cool White Flat PAR56 Lamp - Refill

    Pool Lamp - High Tech Airless LED Disc: The modern and durable solution to replace PAR56 lamps in swimming pools.

    • Compatibility: Designed to easily replace traditional PAR56 lamps, ensuring hassle-free installation.
    • Superior Resistance: Prevents breakage and flooding with its robust construction and advanced airless technology.
    • Maximum Power and Quality: Available in cool white and RGB models, offering high quality lighting and guaranteed durability.
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    Swimming Pool Lamp: Airless LED Disc for PAR56 Replacement

    Transform your pool with the Airless LED Disc, an innovative pool light designed to replace traditional PAR56 lamps. This advanced lighting system combines high technology and durability, offering an efficient and modern solution for pool lighting.

    Compatibility and Easy Installation

    • PAR56 Niche Suitable: Designed to fit perfectly into standard PAR56 niches, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to more modern and efficient lighting.
    • Simplified Installation: Avoids the common problems of breakage or flooding associated with traditional lamps, thanks to its robust and reliable design.

    Maximum Power and Performance

    The Airless LED Disc not only illuminates your pool with a bright and clear light, but also offers a guarantee of superior performance in both white and RGB bulbs. These LED Discs are the perfect choice for those looking for high performance pool lighting.

    Advanced Technology and Durability

    • Rugged Construction: Airless design provides additional protection against water, resulting in longer life and less maintenance.
    • High Quality Lighting: With state-of-the-art LED technology, these discs offer bright, uniform illumination, enhancing the aesthetics of any pool.

    Choose the Airless LED Disc for your pool and enjoy a lighting solution that combines innovation, style and functionality. With its ease of installation, superior performance and advanced technology, it is the ideal choice for modernising your pool lighting.

    Product Details

    Luminance (Lm)
    Energy Class
    Cool white (6000k)

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