Swimming Pool Ladders and Showers

Swimming Pool Ladders

In Swimhome we have the widest range of ladders for your pool, with the highest quality and safety guarantee as always.

Find in our catalog the swimming ladders for above ground pools that you were looking for, and we even have several ladders for inground pools that will surely meet your requirements.

We know that having these elements in this important space is synonymous with comfort and safety.

Therefore, we make sure that our models are manufactured under all safety standards.

The largest catalog of ladders for your pool

The quality guarantee of the first brands of pool ladders such as AstralPool supports us, so in addition to being functional, all our options are highly resistant.

They are made of stainless steel, which ensures unrivaled durability. We have options built in AISI304 steel(not suitable for pools with salt chlorinator treatments) and AISI316(resists the salt chlorinator or the effects of the surroundings).

Likewise, they have elements and accessories that prevent any type of cuts or slipping. All designs guarantee the absence of sharp areas that could cause accidents.

They will even represent the safest exit point for your pool in any space. We have alternatives for each of your requirements, from 2 to 5 steps, always providing an attractive shiny polished finish.

And if you're looking for added safety, you'll be pleased to know that our pool ladders feature non-slip rubber treads.

Some even integrate an extra step for added convenience on the first step.

Choose the safest and most comfortable swimming pool ladders

We know that the pool is a space where risks are always present, so having a good ladder is essential to avoid major incidents. In addition, they are really important to access or exit quickly and easily from the interior since they provide us with the necessary support and balance to avoid slipping accidentally.

Clearly, your choice should be based on the type of pool you have, since you can find options for both above-ground and in-ground pools. You should also consider how many steps you will need based on the required height.

Remember that, in case you need the maximum possible protection, you can take advantage of the benefits of the safety ladders for swimming pools that you will find among our best offers.

Types of pool ladders and their maintenance

Keep in mind that there are several types of ladders. Below, we tell you what they are and for which situations they are most suitable:

  • Portable: Ideal for the highest pools. Their construction is based on two symmetrical sections with the same number of steps. We can find them in different sizes, some with safety platforms.
  • Fixed to the wall: These are in-ground pool ladders that, as their name indicates, are totally anchored. In these options we will only have steps on the inside of the pool, between 2 and 6.
  • Removable: They are also known as safety ladders and are the most recommended for above ground or above ground pools. They are distinguished from the two previous ones because they have an extra safety feature. Said additional element is that it allows the outer part to be disassembled, thus blocking access to the smaller ones if it is not the most convenient in a particular situation. Some include a safety platform.

You can also find models of ladders for wide and narrow walls. Remember that it is necessary that the part of the ladder that will be outside the pool be anchored on a level surface. In addition, it is of great importance that you periodically check the non-slip surface.

This will allow you to check that it has been maintained in good condition and is vital to prevent slipping. For cleaning it is essential to use stripping pastes to remove residues that may damage the material, such as lime or chlorine. In this process we will help us with nylon brushes and plenty of clean water.

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