Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool cleaners

In the catalog of Swimhome we have a wide range of pool cleaners capable of effectively cleaning the floor and walls of your pool.

We have for you very competitive prices and the most recognized brands, such as the pool cleaners Zodiac. We have selected the best equipped proposals in the sector, such as automatic and hydraulic pool cleaners, so that you can get the maximum performance.

We have efficient pool cleaners capable of getting around obstacles and leaving your space impeccable.

They are the best way to enjoy a pool in optimal conditions, without dirt and free of risks to our health. Take advantage today of the offers we have for you at Swimhome.

what are pool cleaners and how do they work?

They are equipment capable of cleaning the bottom of the pools with an automatic system or manually.

This allows the water used for bathing to be in healthy conditions and not to generate harmful microorganisms.

Therefore, they are one of the best alternatives for the maintenance of these spaces, since we can obtain all their benefits in the most efficient and comfortable way.

Even, some pool cleaners, like the ones we have in our catalog, are able to clean the walls to provide a complete job, even reaching the waterline.

Other more advanced pool cleaners have additional features such as remote control or automatic programming for added convenience.

Types of pool cleaners

Pool cleaners are distinguished by various capabilities, pros and cons that make some better than others.

Below, we give you more details so that you have a clear idea about which equipment suits you best:

  • Manual pool cleaners: these are the most basic, since, as the name says, it works manually. Therefore, the process can be a bit slower and less practical. However, these models are usually useful as complements to clean where an automatic equipment cannot reach.

In addition, they do not require special maintenance and are more economical. Despite these advantages, a point against them is that, in order to work, they require our physical effort, which is rarely convenient.

  • Electric pool cleaners: Unlike the previous one, they are completely automatic and work connected to the electric current. Some are programmable and perform mapping to clean more efficiently.

They are the most sophisticated so far, plus they can fight the most encrusted dirt and include their own filtration cartridge. However, their weight and price are higher than the rest of the pool cleaners.

  • Hydraulic pool cleaners: They are one of the most economical and reliable solutions for water treatment. They are usually very resistant, durable and suitable for all types of pools (small, above ground, subway, etc.)

Generally, these devices only pass through the bottom, although our proposals are also capable of cleaning the walls. They are very easy to install and the dirt is sucked to pass through the pool filter.

They are usually very light and cheaper than the electric ones. However, they are not very convenient if our filtration pump is not very powerful.

  • Pressure pool cleaners: They work through the water pressure coming from the main pool pump. However, if this pump is not too powerful, we will need to install an additional one.

These pool cleaners move along the floor collecting the dirt, driven by the strong pressure of the pump that feeds it. Its cleaning capacity is the same as the hydraulic models, also including its filter bag. The latter means that the filtration system does not receive the dirt, which is very convenient.

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