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Pool cleaners for swimming pools

In our stock you will find a wide variety of pool cleaner models. We have powerful equipment, capable of carrying out a complete cleaning of the water, eliminating all types of dirt or bad smells

From Swimhome we have economical pool cleaners, ideal for small pools, and we also have much more powerful models for sanitation in larger spaces

Pool cleaning is an extremely important activity, especially because of the impact it has on health care. In addition, it can be very uncomfortable to enjoy a dip if the water appears dirty or smells bad, as well as if there is sand or other objects on the bottom of the pool.

However, cleaning a pool by hand can be difficult. In addition to the great effort involved, without the necessary equipment, the dirt at the bottom of the pool may not come off

To make this task as easy as possible and to obtain better results, there is nothing better than buying a pool cleaner. We offer you equipment from the most important brands on the market, thus guaranteeing the quality seal of our products

how does a pool cleaner work?

Also known as an automatic robot pool cleaner, it is a device that cleans the pool in an automated way thanks to the propulsion of its motor and the programming integrated into the equipment.

Depending on the type of pool cleaner, the equipment will offer different functions. For example, some models have a powerful rotating brush, which makes it easier to remove dirt

In addition to the incorporation of brushes or other similar accessories, these cleaners have a very powerful suction intake. So they combine an optimum capacity to remove algae from the bottom of the pool.

And both algae and other debris are completely drained from the pool by the suction. The use of pool cleaners is essential to maintain hygienic and effective water treatment

Cleaning your pool can be made easier with our robot pool cleaner models. We have more discreet equipment, such as the Rumboo battery-powered pool cleaner, ideal for smaller pools

And we also have very advanced equipment for cleaning your pool. We have a long history of providing everything you need to take care of your pool

Types of pool cleaners and their functions

are you comparing the various pool cleaner models? If you want to choose the ideal equipment to help you remove any type of debris from your pool water and walls, it's important to know what options are available.

Hydraulic suction pool cleaners

Also known as hydraulic suction pool cleaners, they are powered by the propulsion provided by your pool's filtration system

These models, like many others, have the ability to travel on the pool floor and walls. And as they move randomly around the pool, they suck up the dirt.

looking for a cheap model of pool cleaner? This type of equipment will be very useful for you. As well as the fact that you can find very good prices, it is a very independent piece of equipment.

In fact, it is not necessary to monitor the equipment, as it moves automatically and the debris found in the pool then passes through the filter

Hydraulic pressure pool cleaners

These types of pool cleaners are powered by a purification system. However, there is no particular suction point, but it must be connected to the pool's return line.

While it is true that these models allow you to achieve a thorough sanitation with excellent results, the installation is a little more cumbersome. It is necessary to invest in the installation of an extra pump

On the other hand, they are powerful and very durable models, in fact they have a specialised system that prevents dirt from passing through to the pre-filter. And the integration of filter bags helps to store impurities for removal from the water

Electric pool cleaners

Without a doubt, these are the most convenient types of pool cleaners. It is mainly because of the great flexibility they offer that they are so highly praised. They do not need to be connected to a purification system.

On the other hand, an electric pool cleaner is a completely autonomous device. Thanks to programming, it starts up its functions without needing to be monitored.

We have a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners, and we even have equipment whose movement is much more coordinated. Thanks to this function, each section of the pool, as well as the water, is correctly sanitised

Take advantage of the best prices on pool cleaners

do you want to have the ease of cleaning your pool without much effort and achieving the best results? Don't miss out on the models of pool cleaners that we have, and thanks to our variety we adapt to different types of budgets.

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