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Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø +...
Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø +...
Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø +...
Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø + Transformer 100W
Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø + Transformer 100W
Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø + Transformer 100W

Pack 2 LED RGB 10W Swimming Pool 18CM Ø + Transformer 100W

Light up your pool in style and safety with the 10W RGB LED Pool Spotlight + Transformer Pack. This set offers powerful and efficient lighting with advanced LED technology, adapting perfectly to saltwater and freshwater pools. Its compact and functional design makes it ideal for any aquatic environment.

  • Compact and Powerful: Only 18cm in diameter but with 950 lumens of power.
  • Rugged Design: Made of ABS, suitable for salt water and chemicals.
  • Airless Technology: Maximum watertightness thanks to its resin filling.
  • Easy Installation: Quick mounting kit for hassle-free underwater splicing.

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The 10W RGB LED pool spotlight + transformer pack is the ideal lighting solution to transform any pool into a spectacle of light and colour. This set is specially designed to meet the lighting needs of modern swimming pools, combining cutting-edge technology with ease of installation and exceptional durability.

State-of-the-art lighting

Featuring RGB LED technology, this pack allows you to create customised aquatic environments through a wide range of colours and effects. The 10W output together with 950 lumens ensures intense and uniform illumination, capable of completely covering your pool, spa or children's area with quality, energy efficient light.

Designed for Durability

Manufactured from corrosion resistant ABS, this LED floodlight is designed to withstand both salt water and common pool chemical treatments. This robustness ensures long-lasting aesthetics, free from stains and deterioration.

Simplified Installation

Ease of installation is an outstanding feature of this pack. With an extra flat design of only 2.5 cm and a diameter of 18 cm, it can be mounted on the pool surface without niches or crosspieces, offering a discreet and efficient solution. The included quick-fit kit facilitates underwater connections, ensuring a safe and hassle-free installation.

Airless Technology for Increased Safety

Innovative airless technology, which completely fills the floodlight with resin instead of air, provides a superior level of watertightness. This feature not only improves the safety of the floodlight by preventing water ingress, but also extends the life of the floodlight by preventing internal condensation and related damage.

Enhanced Safety with Transformer Included

Safety is paramount in any aquatic electrical installation. This is why this pack includes a dedicated transformer that guarantees safe operation of the lighting system, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and ensuring peace of mind for users.

In conclusion, the 10W RGB LED pool spotlight + transformer pack is more than just a lighting set; it is an investment in safety, durability and aesthetics. Its ability to create the perfect ambience for every occasion, together with its robust design and easy installation, make it the preferred choice for any pool project.

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