how to install a winter pool cover?

Putting a winter cover on your pool is an excellent solution to protect your pool and your family during the winter. Not only do they prevent accidental falls by children and pets, but they also eliminate evaporation, almost completely reduce maintenance during the summer months, filter out sunlight, prevent algae and other micro-organisms from proliferating and protect pools from freezing.

However, winter covers require installation, which can be a concern for some users. In this tutorial we will explain how to install them in a few simple steps, without the need to hire a professional installer.

what do I need to install my pool cover?

Installation does not require any special tools, it can be done with just a drill, a tape measure, a pen or marker pen, a hammer and in some cases a screwdriver (depending on the type of anchor selected).

Steps to follow for installation

Installing winter tarpaulin

First step: Mark the corners

The first thing to do to install your winter cover is to install the anchors that will be placed in the corners of your pool. To do this is very simple, first you must mark where the cover will be once it is installed, to do this you only have to measure the requested margin (normally 15 cm) as shown in the image.

1. Measure the requested margin from the corner of the pool as shown in the image and mark the point.

2. Measure the requested margin from the previous mark to the outside as shown in step 2 of the picture and mark the point. In this way we locate where the corner of the tarpaulin is going to be.

3. Mark where you want the anchorage. As a general rule it should be about 15 cm or less from the corner of the tarpaulin that we marked in the previous step.

Install winter tarpaulin 2

Step 2: Anchor the tarpaulin in a wide area

After marking the four corners, drill the holes and install the anchors in the corners.

We will place the turnbuckles in the corners as if they were a loop, leaving the plastic parts under the cover. This way the aesthetics will be cleaner.

Then we will fix the tarpaulin to the corner anchors with the turnbuckles, as shown in the picture. This way we will be able to handle the cover more easily without it falling into the pool.

Install winter tarpaulin 3

Step 3: Fixing all corners

Once we have fixed the tarpaulin on one width, we must fix the cover on the opposite width. This may be the heaviest point depending on the size of the pool. For ease of use, we recommend that this step is done with the help of another person.

Once the 4 corners have been fixed, the cover will be much easier to attach and the risk of it sinking into the pool will be eliminated.

Install winter tarpaulin 4

Step 4: Fix all tensioners

With the cover already in place on the pool, the only thing left to do is to fix the rest of the anchors. To do this we can follow the steps in point one of the tutorial to locate where to place the anchors, installing each anchor in front of each eyelet. We will place the turnbuckles in each eyelet and we will fix one by one all the anchor points of the pool.

It is advisable to do this one by one and side by side.

Install winter tarpaulin 5

Step 5: Enjoy!

and that's it! You can now enjoy your cover.

The installation will be similar to the one shown in the image above.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful. We remind you that our customers have after-sales assistance, so you can always contact us to resolve any questions.

do you need to buy a winter cover?

Now that you know that you can install your winter cover yourself, you only need to buy one. We offer you a variety of covers at the best price, made to measure, easily and step by step.

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