Weatherproof IP65 150W 12V/DC transformer in IP65 case
    Transformer 12V DC 150W IP65 for Outdoor Use
    Weatherproof IP65 150W 12V/DC transformer in IP65 case
    Transformer 12V DC 150W IP65 for Outdoor Use

    Transformer 12V DC 150W IP65 for Outdoor Use

    IP65 Swimming Pool Transformer: Improve the safety and charm of your pool with our 12V DC 150W transformer. Designed for LED lighting, it includes magneto-thermal and differential protections against short circuits and earth leakage.

    • Complete Protection: Maximum security with advanced protection for your peace of mind.
    • Remote RGB Control: Change the ambience with RGB lights (4-wire cable), controlled by remote control or on/off switch.
    • High Power and Efficiency: With 150W, power your pool lighting with superior energy efficiency.
    Remote control for lighting
    VAT included

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    IP65 12V DC 150W Swimming Pool Transformer, a state-of-the-art LED lighting solution. This integral system, equipped with a powerful 12V DC 150W transformer, is designed to offer not only high quality lighting but also full protection against electrical hazards such as short circuits and earth leakage.

    Advanced Safety

    Safety is our top priority. That's why our transformer features circuit breaker and earth leakage protection, providing an unbreakable barrier against the most common electrical hazards. This level of protection ensures that your pool area is a safe space to enjoy, free from electrical safety concerns.

    RGB Remote Control Lighting

    RGB lighting takes the aesthetics of your pool to a new level, and with our remote control or optional on/off remote control, you can change the ambiance of your outdoor space at the touch of a button. This functionality allows you to adjust colours and light patterns to match any occasion or mood, from quiet evenings at home to lively pool parties.

    Power and Efficiency

    With a power output of 150W, our IP65 Pool Transformer is perfectly capable of powering an extensive array of LED lights, ensuring bright and even illumination for your pool. Despite its high power output, this system is remarkably energy efficient, minimising electricity consumption while providing exceptional illumination.

    Easy Installation and Use

    Our system has been designed with ease of installation and use in mind. Compatibility with pool lighting and 12V DC transformers means you can integrate our transformer into your existing or new configuration with little effort. The durability of the IP65 design ensures that the system will withstand outdoor conditions, maintaining its performance and aesthetics over time.

    By choosing our IP65 Pool Transformer, you are investing in a lighting solution that excels in safety, efficiency, and control. Perfect for any pool owner looking to enhance their space with quality lighting and reliable protection.

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