Transformer Box IP65 60W 12V/DC Remote Control RGB
    Transformador 60W 12V/DC caja IP65 Control...
    Transformer Box IP65 60W 12V/DC Remote Control RGB
    Transformador 60W 12V/DC caja IP65 Control Remoto RGB

    Transformador 60W 12V/DC caja IP65 Control Remoto RGB

    IP65 Swimming Pool Transformer: Elevate the safety and ambience of your pool area with our 12V DC 60W transformer. This IP65 electrical panel is designed to protect your LED lighting system, including RGB lights, against short circuits and earth leakage.

    • Advanced Protection: Incorporates circuit breaker and earth leakage protection for optimum safety.
    • RGB Remote Control: Comes with an optional remote control to adjust RGB lights easily and from anywhere.
    • Versatile Installation: Compatible with pool lighting, this transformer ensures a unique lighting experience.
    VAT included

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    Light up your outdoor space in safety and style with our IP65 Pool Transformer, an all-in-one solution for LED lighting systems, including vibrant RGB spectrum. This electrical panel has been designed to ensure not only spectacular lighting but also maximum safety for your aquatic installations.

    Superior Safety and Security

    With state-of-the-art circuit breaker and earth leakage protection, our 12V DC 60W transformer offers an unbreakable defence against short circuits and earth leakage. The IP65 rating ensures that the electrical panel is completely sealed against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for any pool environment, protecting both users and electronic equipment.

    Total Lighting Control

    The inclusion of a remote control to control the RGB lights adds a layer of convenience and versatility to your lighting system. With the ability to adjust lighting colours and patterns remotely, you can create the perfect ambience for any occasion, from relaxing solo nights to vibrant pool parties, all without leaving your seat.

    Vibrant RGB Lighting

    Our transformer is compatible with 4-wire RGB lights, allowing you to immerse your pool in an almost infinite range of colours. This customisability makes our system perfect for those who want to elevate their pool experience, offering dynamic lighting that can adapt to the mood or event.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Our IP65 Pool Transformer 's intuitive design and compatibility with pool lighting facilitates easy installation, allowing you to enjoy exceptional lighting without the hassle. Plus, maintenance is minimal, ensuring that your focus can remain on enjoying your outdoor space, not looking after it.

    Opting for our transformer is a decision to combine safety, functionality and aesthetics in your pool space. Its ability to power and protect your LED lighting, coupled with the versatile control and spectacular RGB colour range, makes it the perfect choice for those looking for the best in pool lighting.

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