IP65 transformer for swimming pool

    Transformer 350VA IP65 12V AC for Outdoor Use

    IP65 Swimming Pool Transformer: Optimise your LED lighting with our 12V AC 350VA transformer. This advanced system offers full magneto-thermal and differential protection against short circuits and earth leakage, guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

    • Maximum Security: Protect your pool space with the highest electrical security.
    • Optional Remote Control: Turn on your LED lights remotely for greater convenience and flexibility.
    • High Capacity: With 350VA, ideal for pool lighting systems, providing bright and stable light.
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    IP65 12V AC 350VA Pool Transformer, designed specifically for LED lighting systems. This robust electrical panel includes a 12V AC 350VA transformer, providing a complete solution that not only illuminates your space but also protects against the most common electrical hazards.

    Superior Protection Against Electrical Hazards

    The safety of your pool and its users is our primary concern. That is why our lighting system is equipped with magneto-thermal and differential protection, designed to act instantly at any sign of short circuit or earth leakage. This level of protection guarantees a safe environment to enjoy without worries, complying with the highest electrical safety regulations.

    Total Control at Your Fingertips

    The inclusion of an optional remote control to control the LED lights brings an additional level of convenience and flexibility. With this device, you can easily adjust your pool lighting from anywhere, creating the perfect ambience for every occasion, whether it's a quiet evening of relaxation or a lively pool party.

    Capacity and Efficiency

    With a capacity of 350VA, our IP65 Pool Transformer is perfectly equipped to power a wide range of pool lighting systems. This power ensures bright and constant illumination, while optimising energy consumption for superior energy efficiency.

    Durable and Reliable Design

    Our electrical panel is built to last. The IP65 rating protects against ingress of dust and water jets, ensuring it performs optimally in all environmental conditions. This level of durability means you can rely on our system to provide safe and effective lighting year after year.

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