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    Electrical Box with Plug, get a safe and secure electrical connection outdoors, garages, workshops, swimming pools or any damp environment. Its IP65 waterproof 8-module enclosure design ensures fast and efficient installation in outdoor or moisture-prone locations.

    • IP65 Protection: Watertight electrical enclosure with plug offering total security against dust and water ingress.
    • Simple Installation: Pre-installed and pre-wired, this electrical panel is ready for immediate installation and use.
    • Superior Quality: Composed of top quality components, it guarantees durability and optimum performance.
    • Versatility: Its compact size allows for convenient placement in any space.
    • Electrical protection: It has differential and magneto-thermal circuit breaker. It offers protection against overloads, short circuits and earth leakage.
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    IP65 Electrical Panel with Socket

    The Electrical Panel with Plug is the ideal solution for those looking for a safe, fast and efficient electrical installation in demanding environments such as garages, workshops, swimming pool areas, or any outdoor space exposed to moisture. Its advanced design in an IP65 waterproof 8-module enclosure ensures unrivalled protection against external elements, offering a reliable option for power supply in harsh conditions.

    Advanced Features

    • Total IP65 Protection: The IP65-rated enclosure ensures complete dust and water tightness, making it possible to use in the dampest or dustiest environments without compromising the safety or integrity of the electrical system.
    • Simplified Installation: Thanks to its pre-installed and pre-wired configuration, this plug-in electrical panel is ready for immediate installation, eliminating the need for complex preparations and allowing for quick and error-free commissioning.
    • High Quality Components: Manufactured from premium materials, this electrical panel promises exceptional durability and reliable operation, ensuring that your investment remains protected over time.
    • Compact and Versatile Design: Its compact size not only facilitates installation in tight spaces but also offers remarkable flexibility, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

    Why Choose this Electrical Panel

    Opting for the Electrical Panel with Plug means not only choosing a practical solution for electrical needs in challenging environments, but also investing in safety and efficiency. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions while providing a reliable power source makes it an indispensable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    Diverse Applications

    From powering power tools in a workshop to integrating into pool lighting systems, the Plug-in Power Box adapts to any environment, providing a robust and reliable solution where exposure to water or dust is a constant concern. Its intuitive design and ease of installation make it ideal for renovation projects, new construction, or as part of an outdoor energy management system.

    In conclusion, the Electrical Panel with Plug is a key part of any project that requires a safe, durable and efficient electrical installation. With its combination of advanced protection, ease of use, and versatility, this electrical panel sets a new standard in power supply solutions for demanding environments.

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