Inverter heat pump with Wifi
    Inverter pool heat pump 16 kw
    Heat pump rear swimming pool 16 kw
    16kw heat pump installation diagram
    Inverter heat pump with Wifi
    Inverter pool heat pump 16 kw
    Heat pump rear swimming pool 16 kw
    16kw heat pump installation diagram

    Full Inverter WiFi heat pump 16 kW up to 80 m³

    16 kW Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump with WiFi control. Easily control your heat pump from anywhere with internet connection thanks to its control via WiFi and App on your cell phone. Its Titanium heat exchanger resists corrosion even in saltwater pools. Suitable for pools up to 80 m³*.

    • Titanium heat exchanger suitable for salt water.
    • Control via WiFi, allows remote preheating of the pool.
    • 16 kW power, suitable for pools up to 80 m³*.
    • Corrosion-resistant ABS casing
    • Compact and silent
    • Extended warranty.
    • R32 gas, more efficient and ecological.
    • 13 kW up to 65 m³
    • 16 kW up to 80 m³
    • 20 kW up to 95 m³
    • 24 kW up to 110 m³
    • 32 kW up to 140 m³
    VAT included

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    Heating your pool water at the best price

    Heat pumps enable economical, efficient and environmentally friendly heating of a private swimming pool. Thanks to the use of inverter technology, the heat pump will adapt its power to the heating needs of your pool, allowing you to save money and achieve greater comfort. Our heat pumps offer the highest technology and efficiency thanks to their compressor Mitsubishi.

    WiFi heat pump

    The WiFi heat pump control is the best option for your swimming pool heat pump, whether your installation is in your usual residence or in a second home. Thanks to it, you can easily set operating times, desired temperature, as well as switch the heat pump on or off remotely. This allows you to pre-heat your pool before arriving at your second home or to carry out simple control without having to use the external control of the heat pump

    Thanks to the filtration pump control, your heat pump can be switched on or off remotely by controlling it with your mobile phone.

    Extended warranty

    Enjoy your heat pump for longer, we offer 3 years warranty on the heat pump electronics, 5 years on the compressor and 10 years on the titanium exchanger

    Nominal Power (W)
    58kg - 66kg
    Maximum pool size
    15m³ - 80m³
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