RGB with 2-wire cable
    LED RGBW 5-wire cable 12V/DC surface mounted...
    Standard crosshead
    RGB with 2-wire cable
    LED RGBW 5-wire cable 12V/DC surface mounted pool floodlight Basic Range
    Standard crosshead

    LED RGBW 5-wire cable 12V/DC surface mounted pool floodlight Basic Range

    RGB LED pool floodlight with 5-wire cable compatible with WiFi controllers or remote control. Allows you to keep all your LED lighting synchronised. By installing a WiFi controller you will be able to control all your lighting from anywhere, as well as make use of home automation systems with Alexa or Google Assistant.

    • Suitable for salt water pools.
    • Available in 35W.
    • Compatible for DMX systems, Alexa and Google Home.
    • Pure white with LEDs independent from RGB.
    • Extra flat surface LED lamp for swimming pools.
    • IP68, fully guaranteed against water.
    • Standard bracket, ideal for replacing an old spotlight just by tightening a few screws.

    Made in Spain

    VAT included

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    what is the point of having 5 wires?

    Unlike the 4-wire spotlights that produce the white colour by mixing RGB LEDs, obtaining an artificial white that is effective but not as pure as the natural white of the white LEDs, the 5-wire spotlights are not as effective as the natural white of the RGB LEDs, but are not as pure as the natural white of the white LEDshe 5-wire spotlights have a combination of these leds (white and RGB) with which in this case the white stops being a mixture of RGB colours and goes directly to illuminate through its own leds obtaining a pure colour.

    Coloured pool spotlight with 5-wire cable

    The best RGB LED pool technology available in 35W power. Its standard design features an easy-to-install 4-anchor cross bracket that allows for a firm installation without the need for niches, by screwing it to the wall.

    Designed to guarantee the watertightness of the spotlight, extending its useful life with our new pressure and chemical sealing system, your spotlights will last longer without the need for maintenance.

    Its 5-wire system will allow you to control your spotlights with greater precision, being compatible with controllers, remote control or WiFi.

    how are 5-wire floodlights controlled?

    The RGB system with 5-wire cable allows you the most precise and advanced control. It is compatible with a multitude of controllers and any other 5-wire RGB spotlight. WiFi or home automation systems will be compatible with your pool lighting.

    WiFi control

    The WiFi controlled spotlights allow you to change the colour or programme of the spotlight from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Use your mobile phone or your voice to easily adjust the brightness, colour or programme. All your spotlights will stay perfectly synchronised.

    This type of control is ideal for people who want to make advanced use of their lighting, allowing complete control in all circumstances. Internet connection required.

    Nominal Voltage
    12V DC
    Nominal Power (W)
    Estimated Life (H)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Energy Class
    CE - RoHS
    RGBW (5 hilos) RGB + BLANCO
    WiFi controller
    Cable length
    1,5 m
    Cable type
    5 threads
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    Foco led rgb cable 4 hilos 12v dc de superficie para piscina

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    Muy contentos con la compra. Nos asesoraron por whatsapp y encantados con el trato, un acierto.

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    Foco LED RGB Cable 4 hilos 12V DC de superficie para piscina Gama Basic

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    Excelente producto en relación a Precio/calidad. Muy contento. Totalmente recomendable.

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