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    Qualer Electric Pool Cleaner - 1
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    Qualer Electric Pool Cleaner

    Economical pool cleaner for cleaning pool floors with a flat bottom or reduced slope. It will keep your pool clean up to 8 x 4 with a minimum investment.

    • Suitable for floor cleaning in pools with flat bottom or reduced slope
    • Cleaning pools up to 8 x 4 meters.
    • Capable of working up to 1.8 meters deep.
    • Top access to basket with spring filter.
    • Self-floating cable of 12 meters.
    VAT included

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    Qualer Robot Pool Cleaner: Innovation and Efficiency for Pools

    Introducing the Qualer Robotic Pool Cleaner, an advanced pool maintenance solution that combines power, technology and intelligent design to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.

    High Performance and Power

    • 40W Power: With a robust 40W of power, this robot ensures efficient suction and consistent performance for all types of pools.
    • Focus Flow Technology: Optimises suction efficiency by concentrating it into a narrow band that spans the entire width of the robot, ensuring deep and uniform cleaning.

    Superior Filtration Quality

    The Qualer stands out for its high quality filtration system, capable of capturing particles down to 50 microns. It includes a disposable filter and a washable debris collection basket, making it ideal for keeping your pool water crystal clear and free of impurities.

    Ease of Use and Maintenance

    • Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Weighing in at just over 5kg, this robot is extremely manoeuvrable and effortless to operate.
    • Removable Filter Basket: The robot comes equipped with an easy to remove and clean debris collection basket, complemented by the option of a disposable fine filter.

    Adaptability and Versatility

    • 1.8m Maximum Depth: Capable of working efficiently in pool depths up to 1.8 metres.
    • Side Suction Extensions: Includes extensions that allow the suction width to be extended from 27 cm to 40 cm, increasing cleaning coverage with each pass.
    • Adjustable Travel Speed: Adjustable propulsion valves allow the direction and speed of the robot to be modified to suit the specific needs of each pool.

    The Qualer Robot Pool Cleaner is the ideal choice for those looking for efficient, thorough and hassle-free pool cleaning. Its combination of advanced technology, intuitive design and ease of use makes it an indispensable ally for the maintenance of any pool.

    Product Details

    Maximum pool size
    8 x 4 m
    Floor cleaning
    Wall cleaning
    Waterline cleaning
    Cod: 119474

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