Salt Chlorinator Clorallice Basic - 2 -
    Salt Chlorinator Clorallice Basic - 2
    Salt Chlorinator Clorallice Basic - 2 -
    Salt Chlorinator Clorallice Basic - 2

    Salt Chlorinator Clorallice Basic

    French-made salt water chlorinator for private pools. Compact design that can be installed in virtually any building or fibre house, with long-lasting electrodes.

    • Adjustable production with LED display
    • SMART POWER® technology for constant chlorine production
    • Intelligent technology to extend the life of the cell
    • Self-cleaning cell: adjustable polarity reversal
    • BOOST mode for super chlorination
    • LOW mode to adjust chlorine production according to the position of the cover
    • Minimum amount of salt : 2.5 g/l (up to sea water)
    • Safety alarm in case of water shortage and cell failure
    • Compact and discreet design
    • Easy to install
    • High quality cell
    Chlorine Production
    • 7 gr/h
    • 12 gr/h
    • 20 gr/h
    • 30 gr/h
    • 40 gr/h
    VAT included

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    The French-made salt chlorinator for private pools redefines pool care and maintenance, combining compact design and advanced technology to ensure effective and sustainable water disinfection. Its small size makes it easy to install in a building site or fibreglass shed, adapting perfectly to any space.

    Advanced Technology for a Healthy Pool

    Incorporating innovative SMART POWER® technology, this salt chlorinator ensures constant chlorine production, adapting to the needs of each pool. The intelligent technology not only optimises chlorine generation but also prolongs the life of the cell, thanks to its self-cleaning system with adjustable polarity reversal.

    Outstanding Functionalities

    • Adjustable Production: The LED display allows precise control of chlorine production, ensuring optimum water quality.
    • BOOST Mode: For times when super chlorination is required, this mode increases chlorine production significantly.
    • LOW Mode: Adjusts chlorine production according to the position of the cover, optimising consumption and maintaining efficiency.
    • Seawater Compatibility: Capable of operating with a minimum salt content of 2.5 g/l, this chlorinator is ideal even for pools with seawater.

    Safety and Reliability

    Equipped with safety alarms for water shortage and cell failure, this device ensures safe operation at all times. Its discreet design and ease of installation make it the perfect choice for pool owners looking for efficiency and durability.

    The salt chlorinator offers a complete solution for private pool water treatment, focusing on efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility. The high quality cell and self-cleaning capability minimise the maintenance required, while the SMART POWER® technology and BOOST and LOW mode options ensure total adaptability to the specific needs of each pool, making this system a smart water care investment.

    Product Details

    Cod: 130177

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