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2 LED Pool Spotlights RGB 4 Wires 23CM ø 35W +...

2 LED Pool Spotlights RGB 4 Wires 23CM ø 35W + Transformer + Controller

  • Vibrant Colours: 4-wire RGB system offering a wide range of dynamic colours for any occasion.
  • Low Power Consumption: 35W LED spotlights, maximising energy efficiency without sacrificing light output.
  • Total Safety: Comes with transformer included for safe and hassle-free installation.
  • Adaptable Design: With a diameter of 23 cm, perfect for any type of pool.

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PACK of 2 LED RGB Floodlights

Introduce a whole new dimension to your aquatic space with our PACK of 2 Pool Floodlights. Designed for the modern pool enthusiast, these 4-wire RGB LED pool lights not only save energy but also add a spectrum of vibrant colours to your pool, creating moods from relaxing to festive.

Dynamic Lighting with RGB Technology

These lights feature 4-wire RGB technology, which allows you to switch between a wide range of colours with ease. This feature gives you the power to customise the ambience of your pool for any occasion, from a quiet family evening to a lively night-time party. The lighting can be adjusted to reflect the mood or theme of the event, making your pool the centre of attention.

Superior Energy Efficiency

With an output of 35W, these 4-wire LED floodlights are the epitome of energy efficiency. Designed to minimise energy consumption without sacrificing lighting quality, these lights are ideal for environmentally and pocket conscious pool owners. The long life of LED technology also ensures that you will enjoy exceptional illumination for years to come, with minimal maintenance or replacement required.

Simple and Safe Installation

Safety is paramount in any electrical installation near water. That's why our pack includes a transformer to ensure a safe and worry-free installation. This essential component ensures that the 4-wire lights operate within established safety parameters, protecting your family and guests. In addition, the intuitive design facilitates quick and easy installation, allowing you to enjoy your new lighting in no time.

Versatile Design for Every Pool

With a diameter of 23 cm, these 2 Pool Floodlights adapt to any type of pool, providing wide and uniform light coverage. The modern design and advanced functionality of these lights make them compatible with almost any pool configuration, enhancing its beauty and increasing your enjoyment.

By choosing the PACK of 2 LED RGB Pool Floodlights you are not only choosing high quality, energy efficient lighting, but also a way to redefine your outdoor space. Transform your pool into a spectacle of light and colour, and make your leisure time unforgettable. With these 2 Pool Spotlights, your pool will not only be a place for swimming, but a true night-time entertainment destination.

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