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2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W +...
2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W +...
2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W +...
2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W + Transformer
2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W + Transformer
2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W + Transformer

2 White LED Pool Floodlights 18CM 24W + Transformer

PACK Savings: 2 White LED Pool Floodlights

  • Energy Efficient: Low consumption LED spotlights, 24W power, ideal for illuminating your pool with intense and clear white light.
  • Guaranteed Safety: Includes transformer for a safe and risk-free electrical installation.
  • Optimal Design: With a diameter of 18 cm, they adapt perfectly to any aquatic environment.
  • Prolonged Lifetime: Advanced LED technology ensures long life and less maintenance.

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Illuminate your pool with the PACK Savings: 2 White LED Pool Lights

Discover the perfect combination of efficiency, safety and design with our 2 White LED Pool Spotlight Savings PACK. This set has been specially designed to transform your pool experience, offering a bright, clear white light, ideal for creating welcoming and safe environments.

Efficient and Energy Saving

With an output of 24W, these energy efficient LED lights are the ideal solution for anyone looking to maximise their pool lighting whilst minimising the impact on their electricity bill. The advanced LED technology not only provides a brighter and more uniform light but also ensures a longer life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Safety in Every Detail

Safety is a priority in every aquatic space, and our floodlights are no exception. Equipped with high quality transformers, these lights ensure safe installation and operation, protecting you and your family from electrical hazards. This element is essential to maintain a safe environment around the pool, especially in wet areas where the risk of electrical accidents is higher.

Design and Compatibility

The design of these lights, with a diameter of 18 cm, makes them perfectly compatible with most swimming pools, guaranteeing easy installation and aesthetic integration with the environment. Their design is not only practical but also elegant, complementing the natural beauty of your pool both day and night.

Why Choose Our Savings PACK

Choosing our PACK of 2 White LED Pool Lights means opting for a high quality, efficient and safe lighting solution. The combination of intense white light, energy efficiency, built-in safety with transformers and an adaptable design makes this pack the ideal choice for anyone wishing to enhance the beauty and functionality of their pool, without compromising on safety or economy.

Illuminate your bathing nights with the peace of mind and beauty that only our PACK of LED spotlights can offer. Immerse yourself in a unique lighting experience that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your pool but will also guarantee hours of fun and relaxation in a safe and welcoming environment.

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