Wall winder
    Reel assembled
    Wall winder - 3
    Alligator clips
    example with cover
    Wall winder
    Reel assembled
    Wall winder - 3
    Alligator clips
    example with cover

    Wall-mounted Solar Canopy Winder

    Optimise your pool care with the Solar Cover Wall Reel. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this roller is perfect for pools of any size thanks to its adaptable telescopic system.

    • Practical Design: Made from aluminium and stainless steel, corrosion and UV resistant, ideal for thermal blankets and bubble covers.
    • Easy to Use: Includes a 3 telescopic tube system for quick adaptation to your pool and 2 wheels for efficient transport.
    • Simple Installation: Anchored with fixed brackets to the wall or floor, comes with a detailed manual and 8 alligator clips.
    • Comfortable Handling: Hand wheel with manual handle for smooth and effortless sliding of the cover over the roller.
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    Introduce a new level of convenience and efficiency to your pool maintenance with the Solar Pool Cover Wall Reel. This innovative system is a perfect solution for convenient and fast pool cover management.

    Durable and Versatile Construction

    Made from high quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, this roller offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and UV rays. Its Ø81mm design and 3-tube telescopic structure makes it adaptable to almost any size pool, from small to large.

    Easy Installation and Use

    Designed with user comfort in mind, this hose reel is easily anchored to the wall or floor. Its installation system is so easy that you only need a Phillips screwdriver to set it up, following the clear instructions provided in the included manual.

    Efficient and Ergonomic Handling

    Equipped with a pick-up handwheel and a manual handle, the process of rolling and unrolling the cover becomes an effortless task. In addition, the 2 built-in wheels facilitate the transport of the roller, making it even more practical and manoeuvrable.

    High Quality Accessories

    To ensure a firm and secure fixing of the thermal blanket, the roller includes 8 high quality alligator clips, perfect for use even in the absence of eyelets. These accessories ensure that the cover stays in place, even in adverse weather conditions.

    Additional Benefits

    Being fixed to the wall, this roller frees up space in walk-through areas and makes it easy to use even with heavy covers. Its design not only improves functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your pool area.

    In conclusion, the Solar Cover Wall Reel is an optimal solution for those looking for an economical, durable and efficient way to manage their heated pool cover. Its adaptable design, easy installation and ergonomic handling make it an essential accessory for your pool maintenance.

    Product Details

    3,2 - 4,2 m
    4,2 - 5,5 m
    4,9 - 6,5 m
    Tube diameter
    ICPE3 550/80

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