Toroidal transformer 12V AC 50W

    Toroidal transformer 12V AC

    12V AC transformer for low voltage lighting. Power your LED or halogen spotlights. Thanks to its compact size it can be easily installed in any electrical panel or control cabinet.

    • Powered at 220/230V AC.
    • Transforms to 12V AC.
    • 2-wire output.
    • Recommended for installations of less than 40W in the 50VA model and 80 in the 100VA model.
    • Thermal protection: The transformer disconnects the power supply in case of overheating, prevents breakage of the transformer.
    • 100VA
    • 50VA
    VAT included

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    Toroidal Transformer 12V AC for Low Voltage Lighting

    Toroidal Transformer 12V AC, an ideal solution for powering low voltage lighting systems such as LED and halogen spotlights. This transformer is perfect for pool and garden applications where safety and efficiency are paramount.

    Key Features

    • High Compatibility: Designed to power LED and halogen lighting, this 12V AC transformer is versatile and suitable for a wide range of lighting applications.
    • Compact and Efficient: Its compact size makes it easy to install in switchboards or control cabinets, ideal for confined spaces in swimming pools and gardens.
    • Safe Power Supply: Powered by 220/230V AC and transforms to 12V AC with a 2-wire output, offering safe and reliable operation.
    • Adaptive Models: Available in 50VA and 100VA models, recommended for installations of less than 40W and 80W respectively, adapting to different power requirements.

    Safety and Protection

    The transformer has an integrated thermal protection, which disconnects the power supply in case of overheating. This function not only prevents damage to the transformer, but also ensures greater safety in use, avoiding risks associated with overheating.

    Versatile Applications

    This transformer is ideal for a variety of scenarios, including decorative and functional lighting in swimming pools and gardens. Its ability to work with low voltage lighting systems makes it perfect for projects that require a touch of elegance and safety, such as illuminated pathways, fountains, and water features.

    Installation and Use

    Thanks to its intuitive design and compact size, installation of the 12V AC Toroidal Transformer is simple and straightforward, allowing for quick and efficient integration into any existing system. It is the ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists looking for a reliable and durable solution for their lighting needs.

    With the Toroidal Transformer 12V AC, you are choosing an efficient and safe solution for your pool and garden lighting needs. Its compact design, energy efficiency and safety features make it a smart investment for any lighting project.

    Product Details

    Nominal Voltage
    12V AC
    Dimensions (mm)
    TBK-50VA 12V AC/220V

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