Non-return valve Ø50 mm - 1

    Non-return valve Ø50 mm

    Non-return valve Ø50 mm for swimming pools: Designed to offer an efficient solution for overflowing pool systems and communicating vessels. This valve combines functionality and ease of maintenance.

    • Easy Installation: Intuitive design that allows easy integration into your pool system.
    • High Performance: Made of PVC and ABS, with an anti-corrosion spring resistant to salt water, ensuring durability and efficiency.
    • Easy Maintenance: Screw-on cover for quick and easy access, facilitating cleaning and regular maintenance.
    • Flow Preservation: Does not affect water pressure or flow, guaranteeing optimum performance of your pool.
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    Check Valve Ø50 mm: Efficiency and Durability for Swimming Pools

    Optimise your pool system with our Ø50 mm non-return valve, a perfect solution for overflowing pools and communicating vessels. This device is designed to ensure efficient operation and easy maintenance.

    Easy to Install and Maintain

    With a focus on ease of use, this valve is quick and easy to install. Its intuitive design makes it easy to integrate into any pool system, making it ideal for both new construction and upgrades to existing systems.

    High Quality Construction

    • Durable Material: Made of high quality PVC and ABS, this non-return valve is designed to resist corrosion, even in salt water environments.
    • Corrosion Resistant Spring: Equipped with a corrosion resistant spring, it ensures long life and consistent performance.

    Efficient Operation

    This non-return valve is essential to maintain the efficiency of your pool. Designed not to reduce water pressure and flow, it ensures that your pool system operates optimally at all times.

    Easy and Accessible Maintenance

    An outstanding feature is its screw-on cover, which provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This functionality is crucial to avoid blockages and ensure long-term trouble-free operation.

    Invest in the Ø50 mm non-return valve for your pool and enjoy a durable, efficient and easy-to-maintain solution. It is the ideal choice to ensure the quality and efficiency of your pool system.

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    Válvula antirretorno Ø50 mm

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Perfecta para poder limpiala cuando en la piscina hay pinochas y se quedan atascadas en la compuerta. Con otras eso es imposible o muy complicado.

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    Válvula antirretorno

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Producto tal y como se describe en su pagina web, a falta de montarlo me parece un producto estupendo. Sin duda mirare mas productos en esta tienda si tengo necesidad de adquirir alguno de ellos.

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