Reflective pool cover

    Reflective cover for reel and thermal blanket

    • Recommended for daily protection of your sun cover
    • The reflective cover includes 3 fastening straps with snap fasteners
    • Protects your pool cover from sun damage.
    • Reduces the temperature of a stored cover by more than 30°C.
    • Extends the life of your cover.
    • For daily use and winter storage.
    • Includes 3 straps for fastening.
    VAT included

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    You can now protect your bubble cover investment with the reflective storage cover. This innovative cover reflects the sun's heat, thanks to its technology, which with its light blue surface reflects the sun's heat and with its black reverse side prevents light from penetrating the bubble cover . This unique combination has proven reducing the temperature of a stored cover by more than 30ºC.

    A bubble cover that is stored, rolled up and exposed to direct sunlight achieves temperatures above 77ºC. The graph shows how the reflective storage cover can reduce this temperature by more than 30°C, thus preventing irreversible damage to your cover.

    When a bubble cover is not in use it must be protected, otherwise it can be permanently damaged by direct exposure to sunlight. This can be avoided by using a reflective storage cover.

    Damage to a cover exposed to direct sunlight.

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    La funda tiene un buen acabado y el suministro ha sido muy rápido. Solo indicaría como aspecto a mejorar que para una funda de 6 metros deberían venir un par de cintas de sujeccion más. Solo vienen 3.

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