Alvifence fence

The pool area is often the favourite corner of the whole family, but especially of the youngest members of the family. This makes it essential to protect it from accidental falls and other accidents that can happen with a brief carelessness.

Swimming pool safety fence Alvifence

Enjoy a discreet and functional fence, with the convenience of being able to remove it during the bathing season and put it back when you wish. Alvifence fences offer the maximum guarantee for your pool at a reasonable price and discreet aesthetics, available in various colours, allowing a better integration with your environment.

Thanks to their PVC coated polyester mesh, they are capable of resisting up to 150kg/m2, making them resistant to knocks and the play of children and pets. They have aluminium posts reinforced on the inside with a cross brace which makes them more resistant to impact than hollow tubes. Triple stitched seams prevent tears in the mesh, providing protection for you and your loved ones.

Alvifense fences are not only designed to be safe, but also to be aesthetically pleasing. To this end, they have been made more resistant to corrosion from the sun and salt water, with a more resistant and durable baked-on paint.

They have the Applus safety seal and comply with the French standard NFP 90 - 306, one of the most complete and strictest in terms of swimming pool fencing (not yet regulated in Spain). It offers a truly reliable prevention measure against falls and drowning in your pool. You can rest assured that your family and friends are safe and can enjoy your garden without risk.

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