Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 2
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 2
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 3
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 4
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 2
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 2
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 3
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 4

    Analogue Modular Time Switch With Reserve 18mm

    TS-GM1 Modular Time Switch with Backup: Accuracy and Reliability

    • Time Optimisation: Perfect for accurately managing and programming electrical devices.
    • Power Reserve: Features a power reserve that ensures operation even during power outages.
    • Modular Installation: Adaptable DIN-rail design, ideal for home and commercial systems.
    • Integrated Timer: Efficient scheduling with its built-in modular clock, offering accurate time management.
    VAT included

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    Modular Time Switch TS-GM1 with Standby: Maximum Efficiency and Reliability

    The TS-GM1 Modular Time Switch is an essential tool for efficient time management in various electrical systems. Designed for maximum accuracy and reliability, this device is ideal for both home and commercial applications.

    Key Features of the TS-GM1

    • Superior Control Capability: With a capacity of up to 16A, the TS-GM1 timer is perfect for managing a wide range of electrical devices, ensuring efficient and safe control.
    • Power Backup: Equipped with a backup system, this time switch guarantees continuous operation even during power outages, keeping all settings and schedules intact.
    • Advanced Programming: Allows advanced presetting of one week, facilitating detailed and accurate time management and planning.
    • Microcontroller Technology: Integrated with a state-of-the-art COMS quartz microcontroller, the modular clock offers unmatched accuracy in programming and time setting.
    • Versatility of Use: Its modular design makes it suitable for easy DIN rail installation, making it a perfect solution for both domestic and commercial systems.
    • Flexible Programming: With 8 ON/OFF settings, the timer allows for program repetition, offering flexibility and adaptability to different needs and schedules.
    • Minute Accuracy: Minute adjustment capability provides detailed control and efficient time management, the modular clock making the most of every second.

    In summary, the TS-GM1 Modular Time Switch with Reserve is an exceptional solution for those seeking to maximise efficiency and accuracy in the time management of their electrical devices. Its combination of advanced features and ease of use makes it a valuable addition to any electrical system, whether in the home or commercial environment.

    Product Details

    Temperature condition
    Electrical life (times)
    Mechanical life (times)
    Contact capacity
    AC220V 16A
    Full-time range
    Contact resistance
    Insulation resistance
    Coil voltage
    Battery storage
    Minimum unit of adjustment
    15 minutos
    Adjustment times
    96 times
    +/- 3 sec/day
    Working temperature

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    He comprado el temporizador para la piscina, ya que he tenido dos anteriores y se estropearon, este lo instalé hace varios días y de momento va genial, espero que dure más que los anteriores.

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