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Cuadro eléctrico de protección fotovoltaica 63A 1000V - 1

Cuadro eléctrico de protección fotovoltaica 63A 1000V

Maximise the safety of your solar installations with the 63A 1000V Photovoltaic Protection Box. Designed for solar modules of any type, this integral system offers full protection in a weatherproof IP65 enclosure.

  • Complete Protection: Includes 1000V DC V+ and V- fuses, 63A circuit breaker, and lightning arresters for surge protection.
  • High Capacity: Supports up to 1000V with a 63A circuit breaker, guaranteeing safe operation in solar installations.
  • Outdoor Resistant: IP65 enclosure ensures durability against adverse conditions and protects against dust and water.
  • Protection Efficiency: With an interrupting capacity of up to 6000A and overvoltage protection up to <4.0kV, it offers a robust safety system.
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Introduce an advanced safety solution to your solar installations with our 63A 1000V Photovoltaic Protection Panel. This comprehensive system is essential for protecting crystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin-film photovoltaic solar modules against overvoltage and extreme conditions. Meticulously designed, it guarantees maximum safety and efficiency in the handling of solar energy.

Essential Features

  • Weather Resistance: Housed in an IP65 enclosure, this protection box is fully resistant to adverse conditions, including dust and water, ensuring long-lasting protection in any environment.
  • Advanced Protection: Equipped with 4 V+ and 4 V- 1000V DC fuses of 20A each, together with a 63A 1000V circuit breaker and an interrupting capacity of 6000A, it offers comprehensive protection against overloads and short circuits.
  • Built-in Surge Arrester: With a high efficiency surge arrester, capable of handling an Imax of 40kA and an In of 20kA, it efficiently protects against surges, keeping the installation safe from voltage spikes up to <4.0kV.
  • High Capacity and Safety: Designed to withstand voltages up to 1000V and currents up to 63A, this protection panel is prepared to effectively manage energy in large-scale solar installations.

Benefits of Implementing the Photovoltaic Protection Board

The installation of this protection panel in your solar system not only increases operational safety, but also improves the efficiency and durability of your installation. It protects against potential damage caused by natural elements or electrical fluctuations, ensuring continuous and reliable operation. Water and dust resistance ensures that the system remains functional in a variety of environmental conditions, reducing the need for maintenance and prolonging the life of your investment.


The 63A 1000V Photovoltaic Protection Panel is a smart investment for any solar installation, providing a complete solution for protection against overvoltage, overloads, and adverse conditions. With its robust design, advanced protection capabilities, and outdoor resistance, it ensures that your solar system operates safely and efficiently, maximising long-term performance and profitability.

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