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String Electrical Panel IP65: 2 Inputs and 1...
String Electrical Panel IP65: 2 Inputs and 1...
String Electrical Panel IP65: 2 Inputs and 1 Output MC4, 16A, 1000V
String Electrical Panel IP65: 2 Inputs and 1 Output MC4, 16A, 1000V

String Electrical Panel IP65: 2 Inputs and 1 Output MC4, 16A, 1000V

Solar Photovoltaic Distribution Panel for Two Strings

Designed specifically for off-grid solar photovoltaic installations with two strings, this distribution panel ensures exceptional durability and safety. Using high quality halogen-free plastic materials, it promises reliable performance in all environmental conditions.

Superior Protection: Equipped with 2 x 500V circuit breakers, this panel outperforms conventional fuse holders by offering more effective protection and requiring less maintenance. It is designed to provide advanced overload and short circuit protection.

DC Surge Protection: It integrates 2 two-pole DC surge protection devices, capable of handling a maximum discharge current of 40kA, strengthening the safety of the system against voltage spikes.

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Protection Panel for Off-grid Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Developed specifically for off-grid solar PV systems and designed to handle two strings, this pre-assembled, watertight electrical panel ensures consistent, long-lasting protection for your solar setup.

Key Features and Benefits:

IP65 Watertight Construction: Utilizes halogen-free plastic materials for exceptional defense against dust and moisture, ensuring durability in any environment.

Optimised Two-String Configuration: Facilitates efficient management of two strings, with a maximum voltage of 1,000V and a maximum current of 15A (adjustable), optimising the performance of the solar system.

500V Circuit Breakers: Replaces conventional fuses with 500V circuit breakers, offering advanced and reliable protection against overloads and short circuits.

Advanced Surge Protection: Incorporates two-pole DC surge protection devices, with a maximum discharge current of 40kA, providing robust protection against transient surges such as those caused by lightning.

32A DC Disconnector: Features a 32A DC disconnector as a main switch, allowing safe and efficient control of power in the system.

Easy Surface Installation: Its design facilitates both installation and maintenance, making it ideal for residential and commercial environments.

Guaranteed Safety and Performance: All components have been rigorously selected and tested to ensure safety and efficiency under all operating conditions.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of off-grid solar PV projects, from residential installations to large commercial applications, providing reliable and effective solar system management and protection.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Our electrical panel is a reflection of our commitment to developing innovative and sustainable products designed to maximise the efficiency and protection of your solar installation.

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