DC/AC Protection Panel 4kW

    DC/AC Protection Panel 2kW

    Electrical panel for protection in photovoltaic installations. It has protection against overloads and surges in the direct current area for protection, allowing the inverter to be protected. In the alternating current area, it has a circuit breaker and a differential to protect the installation and people against short circuits and earth faults. It has MC4 connections. Mounted in a rainproof IP65 enclosure.

    • 2 fuse holders with 20A 1000V fuses.
    • Transient overvoltage protector 1000V.
    • 20A circuit breaker.
    • 30mA differential.
    • 2 MC4 male connections.
    • 2 MC4 female connections.

    VAT included

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    Electrical protection panel for photovoltaic installations

    Our electrical protection panel for photovoltaic installations is a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety of your solar installations. Equipped with a number of protective features, our control panel is essential to prevent damage from overloads and overvoltages in the DC area.

    • Overload and overvoltage protection: Our control panel has specific protections to prevent overloads and overvoltages, which in turn protects your inverter and avoids short circuits and earth faults.
    • Fuse and Fuse Holders: Comes with two fuse holders with 20A 1000V fuses that offer superior protection against overcurrent surges.
    • Transient Surge Protector: Rated up to 1000V, our surge protector protects your equipment against damaging voltage spikes.
    • Circuit breaker and differential: Our electrical panel includes a 20A circuit breaker and a 30mA differential to protect against short circuits and earth leakage, ensuring personal safety.
    • MC4 connections: Includes two MC4 male and two MC4 female connections, facilitating the installation and connection of the solar panels (These connectors are not installed in the box, this allows you to place it in the area of your convenience).
    • Waterproof: Mounted in an IP65 enclosure, our electrical panel is rainproof, ensuring its performance in adverse weather conditions.

    Protect your investment in solar energy with our electrical protection panel for photovoltaic installations. Your solar installation deserves the best protection.

    Uses of the Electrical Protection Panel for Photovoltaic Installations

    This electrical protection panel is designed primarily for use in photovoltaic installations. Its main function is to protect the system against overloads and surges that can damage electronic components and reduce the efficiency of the solar system. It is commonly used to protect the inverter, which converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used in the home or fed into the grid.

    In addition, protection against short circuits and earth faults is essential to maintain the safety of people living or working near the PV installation. Electrical safety is a crucial component of any power system, and this control panel provides an additional layer of safety.

    Importance of the Electrical Protection Panel for Photovoltaic Installations

    The importance of this electrical panel lies in its ability to protect your solar energy investment. Components of a solar system, such as inverters, can be costly to replace if damaged due to overloads or surges. By protecting these components with a protective electrical panel, you can extend the life of your system and improve your return on investment.

    In addition, short-circuit and earth fault protection provides vital safety for people and animals in the vicinity of the installation. Electrical accidents can be dangerous and even fatal, so it is crucial to have adequate protection measures in place.

    Finally, the included MC4 connections make it easy to install and connect the solar panels, saving time and effort during installation. And with its rain-resistant enclosure, this protective electrical box can withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring that your solar system continues to operate efficiently, regardless of the weather.

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