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String Switchgear with 2 inputs and 1 output...
String Switchgear with 2 inputs and 1 output...
String Switchgear with 2 inputs and 1 output MC4 15A 1000V
String Switchgear with 2 inputs and 1 output MC4 15A 1000V

String Switchgear with 2 inputs and 1 output MC4 15A 1000V

IP65 Electrical Distribution Box for Solar Photovoltaic Systems


  • IP65 Degree of Protection: Specially designed to protect photovoltaic systems from dust and water ingress, ensuring safe and durable operation.
  • 15A DC and 1000V Capacity: Optimal for handling high efficiency solar systems, adapting to the needs of both residential and commercial projects.
  • Configuration of 2 Inputs and 1 Output with MC4 Connectors: Allows simple and effective integration of solar panels, optimising the management of the energy generated.
  • Adaptability to photovoltaic projects in homes and businesses, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting solution.
  • Integrates surge protection, providing an effective barrier against potential damage from lightning strikes or electrical fluctuations.
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IP65 String Control Panel for Advanced Solar Systems

Improve the efficiency and safety of your solar installation with our advanced IP65 string control panel. Specially designed for optimal management of multiple strings of solar panels, this panel is key to modernising any solar power system.

Key Details:

  • Advanced IP65 Protection: Offers superior resistance to harsh environmental conditions, keeping components safe from dust and water.
  • 15A DC and 1000V capacity: Suitable for large-scale solar systems, it provides safe and highly efficient power management. Includes 15A fuses and 2 x 4P 30A 1000V DC 4P circuit breakers for complete protection.
  • 2 Inputs and 1 Output configuration with MC4 Connectors: Allows easy integration of multiple strings, improving the efficiency of solar power distribution.
  • Pre-installed MC4 Connection: Equipped with MC4 quick connectors for easy installation and configuration of your PV system, included inside the panel to prevent damage during transport.
  • Surge Protection: Comes with a 40kA surge protection device, ensuring additional defence against voltage spikes.

This string control panel is ideal for use in both the residential and commercial sectors, offering an efficient and durable solution for solar energy management. Its flexible design accommodates a variety of PV system needs, representing a smart and secure investment in the future of renewable energy.

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