Level control panel for overflow pool with equalising basin - 1

    Level Control Panel: Overflowing Pool with Balancing Basin, Wells, Reservoirs

    Automatic Level Control for Overflowing Pools: Keep your pool's water level optimal with our electrical control panel. Designed specifically to regulate the water level in overflowing pools, this system ensures that the water is always maintained between the minimum and maximum set levels.

    • 24V transformer: Activates the solenoid valve efficiently and safely.
    • Safety Differential: Guarantees the protection and durability of the system.
    • Level Controller with 3 Probes: Accurate water level monitoring (probes not included).
    • Easy Installation and Configuration: Simple to adapt to your specific needs.
    • Additional Motor Protection: Option to include 2 additional probes to prevent pump operation at unsafe levels.
    • Nivel de agua
    • Nivel de agua + Protección de motor
    VAT included

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    Automatic Level Control System: An essential solution for optimal water level management in a variety of applications such as overflow pools, wells, ponds and water storage systems. This advanced electrical panel is designed to automatically regulate the water level, keeping it within the set limits for efficient and safe management. Are you looking for a level control panel, but need some modifications? Contact us and we will send you a no-obligation quote.

    Features and Functionalities:

    • 24V transformer: Activates the solenoid valve efficiently, ensuring safe and constant operation.
    • Safety Differential: Built-in protection to prevent any electrical hazard, prolonging the life of the system.
    • Level Controller with 3 Probes: Accurate and automatic water level monitoring, adaptable to different environments (probes not included).
    • Easy Installation and Configuration: Intuitive design allows easy installation and commissioning, adaptable to any specific configuration.
    • Additional Motor Protection: With the option of adding 2 additional probes, it prevents the pump from operating at unsafe levels, protecting your equipment from damage.

    Application Versatility: Beyond its use in overflow pools, this system is ideal for a variety of environments that require precise water level control. From ponds that need to maintain a constant level for aquatic life, to wells and reservoirs in agricultural or industrial applications, this system offers a reliable and efficient solution.

    The advanced technology of the Automatic Level Control Vessel not only improves operational efficiency, but also contributes to the overall safety of the environment by preventing overflows or dry running of pumps. It is an invaluable tool for any operation that relies on precise water management.

    We understand that every project has its own unique requirements. That's why we offer the ability to customise and tailor the system to your specific needs. Contact us for advice and to configure your bespoke system.

    The Automatic Pool Level Control System represents a smart investment in water management, providing peace of mind, efficiency and adaptability for a variety of applications.

    Ideal system for different uses such as overflow pool, balancing basin, reservoirs, wells and much more.

    Product Details

    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)220 x (W)250 x (D)120mm

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