Rejilla de aspiración lateral para spa de 2" con codo de encolado - 1

    2" side suction grille for spa with glue-on elbow

    looking for a solution to improve water circulation in your spa or pool? The side suction grille is the ideal choice. With a diameter of 2", this grille easily connects to the Ø 50 mm pipe thanks to its glue-on elbow. In addition, its special design allows a better water suction, keeping your spa clean and fresh, so don't hesitate to buy this practical and useful piece of equipment!

    • Connection to Ø 50 mm pipe
    • Only the pipe needs to be glued
    • excellent suction capacity
    • Perfect for wall installation
    VAT included

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    The side suction grille is an indispensable accessory for any spa or pool. Its main function is to help water circulation, ensuring that it is always clean and fresh. This grille has a diameter of 2" and is designed to be connected to the Ø 50 mm pipe thanks to its gluing elbow, you only need to glue the pipe. It is very easy to install and adapts to any spa recirculation system.

    In addition, this side suction grille is very strong and durable, thanks to its high quality material. This ensures that it can withstand constant use without any problems. Furthermore, its special design allows for better suction of the water, and prevents it from clogging easily, preventing dirt and bacteria from accumulating on the bottom of the pool or spa. With this grille, you can enjoy a more comfortable and healthier swimming experience.

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