Sumidero redondo 2" para piscina - 1
    Sumidero redondo 2" para piscina - 2
    Sumidero redondo 2" para piscina - 1
    Sumidero redondo 2" para piscina - 2

    Sumidero redondo 2" para piscina

    Round drain 230 mm in diameter

    • Made of ABS with 2" side outlet
    • With grating fixing screws
    • Suitable for concrete pools
    • Maximum flow rate 13 m3/h
    VAT included

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    White Swimming Pool Drainage System

    The pool drain represents an integral solution for the filtration and drainage system of concrete pools. Designed to combine functionality with aesthetics, this 230 mm diameter drain integrates discreetly and efficiently into any pool design, maintaining the elegance and harmony of the environment.

    Outstanding Features

    • Optimal Dimensions: With a round design and a diameter of 230 mm, it adapts perfectly to pools of different sizes, facilitating an aesthetic and functional installation.
    • Durable Material: Made of high quality ABS, the drain offers exceptional resistance to chemicals and sun exposure, guaranteeing a long service life and reducing the need for maintenance.
    • Secure Fixing: Comes equipped with special screws for fixing the grating, ensuring that it remains securely in place, preventing accidents and improving safety in the pool environment.
    • Maximum Flow Rate: Designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 13 m³/h, this drain ensures efficient and fast drainage, keeping the pool water clean and free of impurities.

    Key Benefits

    Incorporating a pool drain into your project not only improves water quality through effective drainage and filtration, but also contributes to the safety and aesthetics of the swimming area. The ease of installation, thanks to its 2" side outlet, allows for easy connection to the existing plumbing system, streamlining the installation process.

    Opting for a 230 mm diameter pool drain made of high quality ABS is making a smart choice towards durability, efficiency and safety in your pool water management. Its optimal design and advanced features make it the preferred choice of professionals and pool design enthusiasts looking for the best in filtration and drainage technology.

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