Chlorinated Rubber Paint AQUARAMA 4L for Swimming Pools - 1

    Chlorinated Rubber Paint AQUARAMA 4L for Swimming Pools

    AQUARAMA 4L Chlorinated Rubber Paint is ideal for protecting and enhancing the appearance of your pool. With high scuff resistance and anti-algae action, this specialised paint ensures a long-lasting, clean finish. Enjoy fast drying and a yield of 8 m2 per kilo with this 4L container.

    Key features:

    • Speciality chlorinated rubber paint for swimming pools
    • White or blue colour
    • High resistance to rubbing
    • Prevents algae adhesion
    • Fast drying
    • Coverage approx. 8 m2 per kilo
    • 4 litre container
    VAT included

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    AQUARAMA Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint 4L is the perfect solution to renovate and protect your pool with a durable and attractive finish. This specialised paint, formulated with chlorinated rubber, offers excellent rub resistance and prevents algae adherence, keeping your pool water clean and crystal clear for longer.

    It dries quickly and yields approximately 8 m2 per kilo, making it easy to apply, allowing you to enjoy a renovated pool in no time. The 4 litre container provides an adequate amount to cover small areas or apply several coats, depending on the specific needs of your pool.

    AQUARAMA Chlorinated Rubber Paint adds a touch of style and brightness to your pool, enhancing its appearance. The durable formula of this paint ensures long-lasting protection against the effects of chlorine, sunlight and other environmental factors.

    Ideal for use in residential, public and commercial pools, AQUARAMA Chlorinated Rubber Paint is the perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution to maintain and enhance the appearance of their pools. Don't wait any longer to renovate and protect your pool with this high quality, high performance paint.

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