Pool spotlight remote control colors
    pool spotlight strip
    spotlight pool colors
    white pool spotlight
    remote control pool light
    swimming pool spotlight
    pool on/off light
    blue pool light
    the best pool spotlight
    Focus on your box
    Pool spotlight remote control colors
    pool spotlight strip
    spotlight pool colors
    white pool spotlight
    remote control pool light
    swimming pool spotlight
    pool on/off light
    blue pool light
    the best pool spotlight
    Focus on your box

    LED RGB ON/OFF 35W 12V AC surface spotlight for swimming pool Bubble Range

    RGB LED spotlight compatible with Remote Control for swimming pool. It is installed without the need for niche, screwing directly on the wall with its included strip. Its control system for the lights has double function, ON/OFF or by remote control. The ON/OFF system will allow you to change the color of the lights with a push button or switch easily, without the need for remotes, while its optional remote control will allow you to control your lights with the convenience of a remote control

    • Suitable for saltwater pools.
    • High power LED 35W.
    • Surface spotlight, no niche required.
    • ON/OFF controller, change color from a push button or switch.
    • Compatible with remote control.

    Made in Spain

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    RGB surface spotlight for swimming pool 35W

    Fill your pool with color with our 35W RGB spotlight. Its standard design has a 4-anchor cross bracket for easy installation that allows you to replace an old spotlight in seconds without drilling new holes, or install in your new pool keeping them firm and safe.

    Designed in reinforced material with AISI316 stainless steel screws, it guarantees its watertightness for a longer period of time

    Thanks to the use of SMD2835 LED you will get the best efficiency ratio keeping the temperature at bay, which guarantees a longer life of the LED

    Sellado químico

    All of our spotlights are sealed with a high resistance resin. This prevents water from entering not only through the cable access, but also through the cable itself when splicing under water.

    Fabricación nacional

    We design, seal and assemble the spotlights in Spain with top quality components. This allows us to offer a real guarantee of the spotlight and its components with the assurance that the product will offer the highest quality.

    Remote control or ON/OFF control, the choice is yours

    With our new RGB lights you have control of your pool lighting without having to sacrifice anything. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your lighting system with a direct RF remote control or perform ON/OFF control.

    ON/OFF control

    Spotlights with ON/OFF control allow you to change the color or program of the spotlight by simply turning your pool's spotlight on and off. This ensures that all your lights will remain synchronized at all times (in the same color or program) and saves you money on remote control systems. Optionally a remote on/off control can be installed for all lights.

    This type of control is ideal for people who want to save on controllers or who do not need to make many color changes every day

    Remote Control

    Independently of the ON/OFF control system, our lights also allow a complete control by means of a RF (Radio Frequency) remote control.

    This type of controllers are ideal for people who want to further customize the aesthetics of your pool, as they allow you, in a very convenient and fast way, to adjust the color, program and brightness of your lights

    A single controller can control several lights, so you will have no problem controlling the lights in your pool.

    Nominal Voltage
    12V AC
    Nominal Power (W)
    Estimated Life (H)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Energy Class
    CE - RoHS
    RGB (2-wire cable)
    Remote Control
    Cable length
    1,5 m
    Cable type
    2 strands

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