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I-Qualer Automatic Pool Cleaner - 1
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I-Qualer Automatic Pool Cleaner

I-Qualer robotic pool cleaner capable of filtering floors, walls and waterline with powerful and economical cleaning. Includes spring type filters capable of capturing leaves, insects and other debris and ultra-fine filter capable of capturing dust and pollen.

  • Suitable for pools up to 10 x 5 metres.
  • Cleans floor, walls and waterline.
  • Automatic 2 hour cleaning cycle.
  • Anti-tangle system in the cable.
  • Suitable for painted, concrete, gresite and liner pools
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The i-Qualer Automatic Pool Cleaner represents the latest technology in pool maintenance, designed to provide deep and efficient cleaning for pools up to 10 x 5 metres. This advanced cleaning system is compatible with a wide variety of pools, including painted, tiled, liner, polyester and concrete pools, ensuring exceptional adaptability to different surfaces and designs.

Cleaning Capabilities

Capable of handling depths of up to 2.50 metres and equipped with an anti-twist cable system, the i-Qualer guarantees trouble-free operation in the aquatic environment. It offers 2-hour cleaning programmes, optimised for complete automatic cleaning, from the bottom to the waterline to the pool walls.

Technical Specifications

  • Cable length: 16m, including 13m operational plus an additional 3m for greater coverage.
  • Power consumption of less than 100W, highlighting its energy efficiency.
  • Suction width of 50cm, allowing large areas to be cleaned in a single pass.
  • Compact device dimensions: 41cm x 37cm x 34cm, and a light weight of 9kg, making it easy to handle and store.

Cleaning Innovations

Superior access to the large volume cleaning basket with fine filter enables effective particle removal, with a filtration fineness of 0.59 mm, capable of capturing debris down to 50 microns with the disposable fine filter. This system not only improves water quality, but also makes the cleaner easier to maintain.

Warranty and Durability

With a 2 year warranty, excluding wear parts such as the debris collection basket, disposable fine filter and tracks, the i-Qualer is designed to provide a long lasting and reliable cleaning solution for your pool.

Investing in the i-Qualer Automatic Pool Cleaner is opting for an advanced cleaning solution, which guarantees not only the comprehensive cleaning of your pool but also the optimisation of energy consumption, representing a smart and sustainable choice for pool maintenance.

Main features:

  • Maximum pool size: 10 x 5 m
  • Pool bottom profile: Painted, gresite, liner, polyester or concrete pools
  • Maximum pool depth: 2.50 m
  • Anti-twist cable system: Yes
  • Programmes available: 2 hours automatic cleaning.
  • Cable length: 16m (13m + 3m)
  • Power consumption: Less than 100W
  • Cleaning: Bottom, walls and waterline
  • Top access to large volume cleaning basket with fine filter for particular.
  • Filtration fineness (clean filter) 0.59 mm (up to 50 microns with disposable fine filter)
  • Suction width: 50 cm in one pass.
  • Device dimensions: 41cm x 37cm x 34cM
  • Device weight: 9kg
  • Carton weight: 11.5 Kg
  • Warranty: 2 years (except wear part: waste collection basket, disposable fine filter, tracks)

Product Details

2 years
Maximum pool size
10 x 5 m
Ultrafine + Spring
Cod: 119475

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